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Dr. Divya Varier
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Associate Professor
Educational Psychology
Research Methodology

Contact Information

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Phone: 703-993-5047
Fax: 703-993-3678
Email: dvarier (

George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
West Building 2106
4400 University Dr.
MS 6D2
Fairfax, VA 22030


Dr. Varier teaches graduate level courses in education research, assessment, and program evaluation at George Mason University. Dr. Varier received her Ph.D. in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. Her research is focused on educational assessment, specifically examining ways to use assessments to support learning and instruction. Dr. Varier has presented her work at national and international educational research conferences such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA), American Evaluation Association (AEA), and the International Association of Educational Assessment (IAEA). 

Research Interests
  • Educational Assessments
  • K-12 Teachers Assessment and Data Literacy
  • The role of assessments in learning and instruction
  • Technology based learning and instruction
  • Application of sociocultural theory, cognition and motivation to assessment
  • Mixed Methods Research
  • Program Evaluation

Seeking Collaborators: Competencies Offered and Sought

Recent Publications

Varier, D., Kitsantas, A., Zhang, X., & Saroughi, M. (2021). Self-efficacy for self-assessment: Development and validation of the SEESA-AW scale for argumentative writing. International Journal of Educational Research,

Abrams, L., Varier, D., & Mehdi, T. (2020). The intersection of school context and teachers’ data use practices: Implications for an integrated approach to capacity building. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 

Varier, D., Zumbrunn, S.K., Conklin, S., Marrs; Stringer, J., & Furman, J. (2020). Getting stuck in writing: Exploring elementary students’ writing self-regulation strategies. Educational Studies.            

       Zumbrunn, S., Broda, M., Varier, D, & Conklin, S. (2019). Examining the multidimensional role of self-efficacy for writing on student writing self-regulation and grades in elementary and high school. British  Journal of Educational Psychology. DOI:10.1111/bjep.12315

       Varier, D., Dumke, E., Conklin, S., Abrams, L., Barnes, J., & Hoover, N. (2017). Potential of one-to-one computing in the classroom: Teachers and students weigh in. Educational Technology, Research &             Development. DOI: 10.1007/s11423-017-9509-2