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From the Dean

Dean Ingrid Guerra-López

Welcome to George Mason’s College of Education and Human Development. I'm pleased to encourage you to explore our website to discover what makes our college and its culture so special. Our community is built on innovation, purpose, and a deep commitment to inclusive education – and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Our academic programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for an evolving job market. We emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and lifelong learning to foster an environment of continuous improvement, innovation, and resilience. I've seen our alumni overcome the challenges of today’s workforce with remarkable creativity, fortitude, and empathy.

Our faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to making a difference. They work collaboratively in our classrooms and through research of consequence in our centers, institutes, and research clusters. We all work together to address critical societal needs and advance our understanding of human development.

You will also find that we collaborate through intense community engagement which is at the heart of our mission. For example, our Educational Research Alliance of Northern Virginia (ERA-NOVA) and our ACCESS Academy lab school foster collaboration between scholars and practitioners to solve real-world problems. By building strong partnerships with local and regional communities, we ensure that our academic work remains relevant and impactful.

I'm incredibly proud of the talented leadership team we have formed here, and I encourage you to learn more about them. Their dedication, along with the hard work of our students, faculty, and staff, ensures that our academic work remains relevant and impactful, and that our college continues to thrive.

Ingrid Guerra-López

Assistant and Associate Deans

Functional Leaders