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Seeking Tutors

September 22, 2020

CEHD and EduTutorVA are partnering to help K-12 students in danger of falling behind during the pandemic. Read more...

Top-Tier Programs

September 17, 2020

CEHD’s online graduate programs in education, special education and education leadership rank in the top 15 in the country in latest U.S News & World Report rankings. Read more...

Pursuing a Passion

September 17, 2020

Sport Management student works professional wrestling fandom into possible career path. Read more...

Internship Collaboration

September 2, 2020

Sport management, sport and recreation studies and recreation management students collaborate for summer internship with USA Boccia. Read more...

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Notes & Quotes

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."
— Ben Sweetland