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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Dr. Jodi M. Duke
EdD, Johns Hopkins University
Associate Professor
Academic Program Coordinator, Special Education: Autism
Academic Program Coordinator (graduate), Special Education: General Curriculum
Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities
Special Education
Special Education: General Curriculum
Special Education: Mild Disabilities

Contact Information

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Phone: (703) 993-6555
Fax: (703) 993-3678
Email: jduke4 (

George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
Finley Building 205B
4400 University Dr.
MS 1F2
Fairfax, VA 22030


Dr. Duke is an Associate Professor in the Division of Special Education and disAbility Research. She is also the Academic Program Coordinator of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Graduate Program.

Dr. Duke received a B.S. in Elementary Education from University of Michigan, a M.S. in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University, and an Ed.D. in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University. Her research focuses on transition, well-being and mental health supports for neurodiverse college students. 

Research Interests

Autism, neurodiversity, disability, mental health, well-being, transition

Recent Publications

Selected Recent Publications

Strimel, M. M., Francis, G. L., & Duke, J. M. (in press). “We’re not gods of accommodations:” Disability resource professionals and accommodation decision-making. Journal of College Student Development.

Strimel, M. M., Francis, G. L., & Duke, J. M. (in press). “We’re human, unfortunately:” Identities and experiences of higher education disability resource professionals. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability. 

Strimel, M.M., Francis, G.L., & Duke, J.M. (2022). “Looking at the whole student”: Identities and the higher education accommodation process. Journal of College Student Development 63(6), 695-699.

Duke, J.M., Francis, G.L. & Fujita, M. (2022). Experiences of parents of young adults with disabilities and co-occurring mental health disorders. Inclusion.

Fujita, M., Duke, J.M., & Francis, G.L. (2022). I’m not prepared:’ Experiences of professionals working with students with disabilities and co-occurring mental health disorders, Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals.

Francis, G. L., Duke, J. M., & Fujita, M. (2021). Experiences of college students with disabilities and co-occurring mental health disorders: Informing college transition and retention. Psychology in the Schools.

Francis, G.L., Duke, J.M., Fujita, M. & Raines, A. (2020). Goal setting to support mental wellness among adolescents with disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs. TEACHING Exceptional Children.

Alsuhaibani, A.S., Evmenova, A.S., Graff, H.J., & Duke, J.M. (2020). Arabic version of the ARC’s Self-Determination Scale for Saudi female adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, and Multiple Disabilities. Journal of International Special Needs Education.

Francis, G. L., Duke, J., & Siko, L. (2020). Be Ready, Be Well: A conceptual framework for supporting well-being among college students with disabilities. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 33(2), 129-141.

Francis, G. L., Duke, J. M., Fujita, M., & Sutton, J. C. (2019). “It’s a constant fight:” Experiences of college students with disabilities. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 32(3), 247-261.

Francis, G. L., Duke, J. M., Kliethermes, A. J., Demetro, K., & Graff, H. (2018). Apps to support a successful transition to college for students with ASD. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 51(2), 111-124.

Francis, G. L., Duke, J. M., Brigham, F. J., & Demetro, K. (2018). Student perceptions of college-readiness, college services and supports, and family involvement in college: An exploratory study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 48, 3573-3585. doi: 10.1007/s10803-018-3622-x

Francis, G. L., Duke, J. M., & Chiu, C. (2017). The college road trip: Supporting college success for students with autism. Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities Online Journal, 4, 20-35. Retrieved from

Weiss, M.P, Evmenova, A.S., Kennedy, M.J., & Duke, J.M. (2016). Creating content acquisition podcasts (CAPs) for vocabulary. Journal of Special Education Technology, 31(4), 228-235.

King-Sears, M. E., & Duke, J. M. (2010). Bring your textbook! Using secondary texts to assess reading demands and skills required for students with high-incidence disabilities. Intervention in School and Clinic, 45, 284-293.

Duke, J.M., & Lane, G.M. (2008). A brief report on the systematic instructional guidelines for teaching students with multiple disabilities to respond to choices using photographs. The SLD Experience, 52, 34-43.