Sixteen CEHD Faculty Members Receive Promotion and/or Tenure

May 15, 2019

Dean Mark R. Ginsberg recently announced that 16 faculty members received and have been awarded promotion and/or tenure, the renewal of tenure track contracts or the renewal or receipt of multi-year term faculty contracts.

Promotion to the Rank of Professor
Jatin Ambegaonkar
Sheri Berkeley
Audra Parker

Tenure and Promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor
Jered Borup
Dawn Hathaway
Naehyun (Paul) Jin
Allison Ward Parsons

Joan Kang Shin

Term Promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor
Joel Martin
April Mattix Foster
Charlie Robison

Tenure-Track Contract Renewal
Marvin Powell

Multi-Year Term Contract Renewal
Craig Esherick
Lois Groth
Jim Kozlowski

Multi-Year Term Appointment
Roberto Pamas