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Dr. Debra Stroiney
PhD, Springfield College
Associate Professor
Academic Program Coordinator (Graduate), Kinesiology

Contact Information

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Phone: (703) 993-7075
Fax: (703) 993-2025
Email: dstroine (

George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
Katherine G. Johnson Hall 201D
10890 George Mason Circle
MS 4E5
Manassas, VA 20110


I always feel like I had an interesting path to my current position in the field of Kinesiology.  I have been an active individual all of my life participating in dance and sport.  During my undergraduate years I majored in psychology because I was fascinated by human behavior and loved science.  I went on to work in human resources but realized I did not enjoy working in the corporate world.  After a time of night being as active I began to exercise more and realized how much better felt.  I was intrigued by this and realized that I could go on and get a masters degree in sport & exercise psychology.  Which I did, during my years in grad school I also worked as a ballroom dance instructor.  This was a great job to have at the tie because it allowed me to be active and apply some of the things I was learning in school.  I went on to work in a corporate fitness center as a health fitness specialist.  After a few years in this setting I realized I wanted to tech the next generation of fitness professionals as well as do research in this area.  I decided to pursue my doctorate and decided to do so in Exercise Physiology instead of pscyhology.  This was the best path for me because the physiology component is a key piece that I was missing.  I completed my PhD and have been working in academia since 2014.  It took me a little while but I did find what I truly enjoy doing every day.  

Research Interests

My research interests span a wide range but all within the field of health and exercise. Areas of research I have be in involved in the past:

  • Curriculum development within the Kinesiology field.
  • Exercise is medicine, interventions which drive to improve health and motivation to exercise in at risk clients. 
  • Mood, motivation and exercise adherence within a health, fitness or sport setting. 
  • The effects of self-myofascial release on sport performance when implemented prior to the activity. 
Recent Publications

Journal Articles: 

  • Biscardi, L., Wright, B., & Stroiney, D. (2021). The Effect of an Acute Bout of Foam Rolling on Running Economy. Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. Vol. 2 : Iss. 1 , Article 4. Available at:
  • Stroiney, DS, Morkis, RL, Hanna, GR, & Ranney, JD. (2020).  Examination of Self-Myofascial Release vs. instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Tecniques on Veritcal and Horizontal Power in Recreational Athletes. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 34(1), 79-88.
  • Stroiney, DS, Herrick, SL, Paolone, VJ, & Matthews, TD (2020).  The Effects of an Acute Bout of Self-Myofascial Release on the Physiological Parameters of Running.  International Journal of Exercise Science,13(3), 113-122. 

Presentations/Published Abstracts:

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, June 2023

  • Stroiney, D., & Rowland, T. Exercise is Medicine Tutorial Lecture – Successes & Challenges of a Community Based Physician referral EIM Program

American Association of Colleges & Universities 2023 Conference on General Education, Pedagogy and Assessments, February 2023, New Orleans, LA

  • Poms, L., Usher, B. & Stroiney, D. Infusing DEI across the General Education Curriculum Without Increasing Credit Requirements
National Strength & Conditioning Association, Annual Meeting, July 2021
  • Biscardi, L., Vukovic, D., Stroiney, D. The effects of an acute bout of foam rolling on parameters of running econom
  • Biscardi, L. & Stroiney, D. Examination of the relationships between biomechanical markers and endurance running performance in male and female division 1 cross country athletes. 
American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, June 2021
  • Stroiney, DA, Rowland, T., Frey, R., & Adair, Ch. Effectivness of a Physican Referred Exercise Is Medicine Program with At-Risk Community Members.
  • Biscardi, LM & Stroiney, DA. Examination of feeling states after an acute bout of foam rolling and high intensity exercise.
American College of Sports Medicine Southeast Regional Meeting, February 2021
  • Biscardi, LM & Stroiney, DA. Examination of feeling states after an acute bout of foam rolling and high intensity exercise. 
American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, June 2020
  • Stroiney, D., Ghoddosi, N., Biscardi, L., Garcia, C. (2020). Examination of Consumer Level Activity Monitors When Compared To Gold Standard Assessments Of Steps, Energy Expenditure And Heart Rate. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (TBD).

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, May 2019 

  • Stroiney, D., Ghoddosi, N., & Ranney, J. (2019).  Exercise Intensity as a Predictor of Mood States

American College of Sports Medicine Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, November 2018:

  •  Flink, T.,  Stroiney, D., Wojnarowski, K. (2018). Acute Changes in Positive Well-being, Psychological Distress, and Fatigue after Group Exercise in Older Adults.

American College of Sports Medicine Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, November 2017, Harrisburg, PA.  

  • Stroiney, D., Morkis, R., Rainy, J., & Hannah, G. (2016).  The effects of self-administered myofascial release and IASTM on performance in recreational athletes.

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, May 2015 

  • Stroiney, D., Herrick, S., Vitti, S., Bossie, J. & Paolone, V. (2015).  The effects of an acute bout of self-myofascial release on the physiological parameters of running                    
Other Information

ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach

Certified Sport Psychology Coach

Previously certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor

Certified Ballroom Dance instructor