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Dr. Andrew B. Gilbert
PhD, New Mexico State
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Center for Social Equity Through Science Education
Elementary Education PK-6

Contact Information

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Phone: (703) 993-3497
Fax: (703) 993-2013
Email: agilbe14 (

George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
Thompson Hall 1404
4400 University Dr.
MS 4B3
Fairfax, VA 22030


Dr. Gilbert has been working in education for more than 25 years in numerous school contexts across the globe. His main research interests center on inquiry-based science instruction and facilitating pre-service teachers in the development of powerful science practice at the elementary and middle school levels. This has manifested in the exploration of wonder and emotion as a means to inspire science resistant students to engage in science as both a learner and teacher. He has published his work in a range of outlets including Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Curriculum Inquiry, Journal of Science Teacher Education and Science Education. He is also the author of the book titled: Courageous Pedagogy: Enacting Critical Science Education with Information Age Publishing. 

Research Interests

- Wonder and emotion as a means to rekindle positive relationships with science
- University school partnerships
- Integrated STEM and sustainability
- Critical/Multicultural approaches to education
- Qualitative Research methodologies
- International collaboration and teaching

Recent Publications

Gilbert, A., Jones, M., Kenny J., Hobbs, L., Campbell, C., Chittleborough, G., Herbert, S. & RedmanC. (in press). “I realized that science isn’t scary”: In-service teacher insights regarding science-focused partnerships. School-University Partnerships. 

Gilbert, A. & Byers, C. (2020). Enacting wonder-infused pedagogy in an elementary science methods course. Innovations in Science Teacher Education. 5(1). 

Gilbert, A. & Borgerding, L. (2019). Possibilities and potential with young learners: Making a case for STEAM Education. In T. Barkatas, N. Carr and G. Cooper (Eds.) STEM education: An emerging field of inquiry (pp. 101-116). Leiden, NL: Brill Publishing.

Gilbert, A. & Gray, E. (2019). Wonder in the science classroom. In Fifield, S. & Letts, W. (Eds.). STEM of desire: Queer theories in science education (pp. 109-123). Rotterdam, NL: Sense Publishing.

Gilbert, A., Jones, M., Kenny J., Hobbs, L., Campbell, C., Chittleborough, G., Herbert, S. & RedmanC. (2018). Principal perceptions regarding the impact of school-university partnerships in Australian primary science contexts. School-University Partnerships. 11(2), 73-83. 

Gilbert, A. & Byers, C. (2017). Wonder as a tool to engage preservice elementary teachers in science learning and teaching. Science Education. 101(6), 907-928. Available at: