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EDUC 999: Doctoral Dissertation Research

Important: For the most up-to-date information, refer to the official George Mason Course Catalog

General Information

Credit hours: 1-9


Provides continued faculty assistance on individual basis to complete dissertation planned in EDUC 998 and initiate new projects. Notes: Requires successful completion of EDUC 998 and faculty approval of proposal. Offered by Graduate School of Education. May be repeated within the degree.
Recommended Prerequisite: EDUC 998 and faculty approval of proposal.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment limited to students with a class of Advanced to Candidacy.

Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Education.

Enrollment limited to students in a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Schedule Type: Dissertation
This course is graded on the Satisfactory/No Credit scale.

Current Sections

  • Summer 2018, Section: 002, CRN 40715, Instructor: Margret Hjalmarson
  • Summer 2018, Section: 003, CRN 40722, Instructor: Andrew Gilbert
  • Summer 2018, Section: 004, CRN 40723, Instructor: Michelle Buehl
  • Summer 2018, Section: 006, CRN 40732, Instructor: Seth Parsons
  • Summer 2018, Section: 007, CRN 40736, Instructor: Julie Kidd
  • Summer 2018, Section: 009, CRN 40738, Instructor: Kelley Regan
  • Summer 2018, Section: 010, CRN 40739, Instructor: Julie Owen
  • Summer 2018, Section: 011, CRN 40740, Instructor: Anthony Eamonn Kelly
  • Summer 2018, Section: 012, CRN 40745, Instructor: Nancy Holincheck
  • Summer 2018, Section: 013, CRN 40746, Instructor: Jaime Lester
  • Summer 2018, Section: 014, CRN 40747, Instructor: Toya Frank
  • Summer 2018, Section: 015, CRN 40749, Instructor: Beverly Shaklee
  • Summer 2018, Section: 016, CRN 40753, Instructor: Shelley Wong
  • Summer 2018, Section: 017, CRN 40756, Instructor: Pamela Baker
  • Summer 2018, Section: 018, CRN 40759, Instructor: Regine Talleyrand
  • Summer 2018, Section: 019, CRN 40761, Instructor: Anna Evmenova
  • Summer 2018, Section: 020, CRN 40767, Instructor: Frederic Bemak
  • Summer 2018, Section: 021, CRN 40770, Instructor: Erin Peters Burton
  • Summer 2018, Section: 022, CRN 40787, Instructor: Robert Smith
  • Summer 2018, Section: 026, CRN 43308, Instructor: Nelson Cortes

Prior Sections (partial list)