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Dr. Maggie J. Daniels
PhD, Clemson University
Tourism and Events Management

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Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Daniels has conducted extensive fieldwork in the areas of tourism planning and policy, wedding planning, park visitation and event management as pertaining to local economic development. She partners with agencies in the Washington DC metropolitan area to assist them with event and tourism implementation and evaluation. She has acted as the lead investigator on collaborative studies with the National Park Service regarding the National Mall and Memorial Parks and with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Dr. Daniels is a prolific researcher and has a combination of over 100 published papers, book chapters, professional presentations and technical reports to her credit.

Maggie has spearheaded research in the niche event area of wedding consulting and has an award-winning book entitled Wedding Planning and Management: Consultancy for Diverse Clients <> written with Carrie Wosicki and published by Routledge. Just a few of the media outlets that have featured Maggie's tourism, event and wedding expertise include ABC Nightline News, MSNBC, United Press International, Fox 45 News, the Washington Post, the DC Examiner, US News and World Report, and  Maggie is also the lead author on the STEM-based fiction book STRXIA: The Odds are against us, written with aerospace engineer Matt Michel.  STRXIA is designed to introduce elementary school children to the basic principles of physics in an entertaining way, with a focus on Newton's three laws of motion.

Research Interests
  • Tourism planning and policy
  • Park planning and visitor studies
  • Wedding planning
  • Local economic development
  • Event planning, implementation and evaluation
Recent Publications


Daniels, M. & Loveless, C. (2021). Wedding planning and management: Consultancy for diverse clients, third edition.  New York: Routledge.

Daniels, M, & Michel, M. (2018).  STRXIA: The Odds are against us.

Journal Articles and Technical Reports

Daniels, M., Brayley, R., Moore, D., & Sanders, E. (2021, January). Montgomery Parks Visitation Study. Fairfax, VA: George Mason University School of Sport, Recreation and Tourism Management. 178 pp.

Read, J. B., Daniels, M. J., & Harmon, L. K. (2021). Implementing technology-based visitor counts in parks: A methodological overview. The Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Daniels, M. J., Harmon, L.K., Brayley, R., Vese, R., & Park, M. (2019).  Honor Flight: Recognition of preeminent-mature tourists.  Annals of Tourism Research, 74, 95-107.

Daniels, M. J., Harmon, L. K., Park, M., Brayley, R., & Vese Jr., R. (2018). Spatial optimization of tour bus transport within urban destinations. Tourism Management, 64, 129-141.
Daniels, M. J., Harmon, L. K., Barrow, M., Park, M., Brayley, R.E., & Vese, R. (2015). Heritage tourism within a capital city: Symbolism and dissonance. Tourism Review International, 19, 1-18.
Wedding Planning and Management: Consultancy for Diverse Clients