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PhD, Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor
Center for Sport Management
Sport and Recreation Studies
Sport Management

Contact Information

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George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
Bull Run Hall 201E
10890 George Mason Circle
MS 4E5
Manassas, VA 20110


Dr. McDowell’s research focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion in sport and recreation organizations, with a particular emphasis on investigating and developing strategies and programs that can be implemented to remove barriers to participation. Her emerging research stream investigates the utility of lifetime sports and sport programs in reducing health risks. 

Research Interests

  • Diversity and Inclusion Issues in Sport Organizations
  • Title IX and Gender Equality in Sport
  • Sport for Health

Recent Publications

McDowell, J., & Carter-Francique, A. (2017). An intersectional analysis of the workplace experiences of African American female athletic directors. Sex Roles, 77(5), 393-408.

McDowell, J., Deterding, Elmore, Morford, Morris (in press, 2016). Title IX and campus recreation: Guidelines to increase gender equity in club and intramural sport programs. Recreational Sport Journal, 40 (2) 

Morris, E., Arthur-Banning, S., & McDowell, J. (in press, 2016). Constraints to millennial generation female assistant coaches pursuing head coaching careers. International Journal of Sport Management, 17(3)

McDowell, J. & Anaza, E. (2016). An exploration of students’ conceptualization of affirmative action in sport management careers.  International Journal of Sport Management, 17(1), 102-128.

McDowell, J. & Carter-Francique, A. (2016). Experiences of Female Athletes of Color.  In E. Staurowsky (Ed.), Women and Sport:  Continuing a Journey of Liberation to Celebration (pp. 95-115). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

McDowell, J. (2016, January 19). Title IX Exclusion and Marginalization Needs to Change. Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Huang, Y., McDowell, J., & Vargas, P. (2015).  How old I feel matters: Examining age-related differences in motives and organizational citizenship behavior.  Journal of Parks and Recreation, 33 (1), 20-39. 

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Morris, E. Arthur-Banning, S., & McDowell, J. (2014). Career strategies of millennial generation female assistant coaches.  Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 7, 175 – 197.

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