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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

AERO supports program improvement by providing assessment data reports to program faculty for review. AERO creates assessment data reports based on data collected through VIA by Watermark, an online assessment system, embedded in CEHD Blackboard course sections.

As of fall 2021, AERO will focus primarily on assessment data collection through VIA and will no longer provide weblinks to Tk20. Students and faculty will still have access to prior submissions and data in TK20. AERO is working diligently to provide training and support for all students and faculty as we complete this transition. Below you will find the latest versions of our instructional videos and PowerPoint slides for students and faculty. Please email us anytime with your questions or concerns,

Using VIA through Blackboard

Students: To learn how to login and upload your work using VIA in your Blackboard course, please watch this video or review these Powerpoint slides. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Faculty: To learn how to set up your VIA links, and access and score student work, please watch this video or review these Powerpoint slides. For details on how to allow students to resubmit and utilize features such as one click scoring, please see these PowerPoint slides Please email with any questions or concerns.

Announcing a New AERO Online Form for Rubric Updates

Faculty: AERO is pleased to announce our new online CEHD Rubric Update and Implementation Form! Please click here and fill out this form for all VIA-related rubric updates. Please complete the form in full, using the Example Rubric as a reference.