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Accreditation and External Reporting Office

The Accreditation and External Reporting Office (AERO) manages CEHD’s preparation for external accreditation and reporting, Mason’s Academic Program Review, the college-wide assessment review process, and the college’s online assessment system.

External Reporting

Federal Reporting on Educator Preparation Licensure Programs

Professional Education Data System (PEDS)
PEDS provides the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) - a national alliance for educator preparation programs - with member-specific data on enrollment, degree, program completion, faculty and resources. It serves as an authoritative aggregate database for member institutions' professional education programs and research.

State Reporting on Educator Preparation Licensure Programs

Title II of the Higher Education Act requires teacher preparation programs to report annually on the previous academic year's licensure program completers (for clarification of terms, contact the Academic Review and Reporting Analyst).

External Accreditation
Mason Academic Program Review

All other CEHD programs that do not have external accreditation are part of Mason’s Academic Program Review (APR). The schedule for review can be found here.

College-Wide Data Review and Evaluation Process

Every year, each program reviews its programs goals, along with multiple data sources, to assess and reflect on the program’s path toward continuous improvement. The data sources may include:

  • Student learning outcome assessment data, or assessment data that is aligned to a program’s curriculum standards.
  • Survey data from the Mason Exit Survey, CEHD Alumni Survey CEHD Employer Survey, and others upon request
  • Admission and Retention Data
  • Faculty Qualification Data
  • Internship Evaluation Survey Data

Program faculty are expected to review this information, then meet with CEHD’s senior leadership to discuss the successes and challenges of meeting program goals. The outcome of this meeting may include a confirmation of the goals, a reconfiguration of goals, and/or a reassessment of the supporting data.

College-Wide Online Assessment System

As of fall 2021, AERO supports VIA, our new online assessment system. More information on VIA can be found here.