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Tuition Discounts for CEHD Graduate Students

July 22, 2015


Tuition discounts are available to students who enroll in graduate programs offered by the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at George Mason University.

See below for information on the Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators and the Tuition Discount for CEHD Out-of-State Students.

Offering these discounts is a special, college-based initiative to provide financial support for the professional education needs of Virginia educators and out-of-state graduate students who are pursuing fields of study that promote learning and development across the life span.



Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators

The "Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators" is available to P-12 teachers and other Virginia educators.

The discount is 15% off the university’s approved rate for in-state graduate students (please see for current rate information). The discount is available to Virginia educators who meet the requirements explained at If you are taking courses as part of a contract cohort, tuition discount information will be provided by your cohort coordinator).

June 6th is the deadline to apply to receive the tuition discount on Summer 2017 courses. This discount is not automatically applied — a verification process is necessary.

We encourage you to fill out the tuition discount application early. It can take two weeks to confirm your eligibility. When you submit early, your tuition bill will automatically reflect the eligible discount. (If you submit late, you may need to take an extra step and request a refund to receive the discount.)

Please review the information and apply for the tuition discount at



Tuition Discount for CEHD Out-of-State Students

The "Tuition Discount for CEHD Out-of-State Students" is available to out-of-state students enrolled in the College of Education and Human Development. The discount is approximately 40% off the university’s approved rate for out-of-state graduate students (please see for current rate information).

The discount is automatically applied to graduate-level, for-credit, and full-fee courses once an out-of-state student has been accepted into a CEHD graduate program (i.e., master's, PhD, certificate, or non-degree graduate program) and registers for CEHD courses.

Please note: The tuition discount is not available to students who take CEHD courses but are primarily enrolled in a program offered by another college at the university. The tuition discount also cannot be applied to non-credit-bearing courses or already discounted "contract" courses. (Contract courses are those offered to teachers and other educators through arrangements made between a qualifying organization and George Mason University).




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George Mason University's College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) includes two schools, the Graduate School of Education and the School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism. The Graduate School of Education is one of the most comprehensive education schools in Virginia, will a full range of degrees, certificates, courses, and licensure programs that are available on campus, online, and on site. The college is fully accredited by NCATE, and all licensure programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Education. George Mason University, located just outside of Washington, D.C., is Virginia's largest public research university.

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