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Our Graduate School of Education is the alma mater for one third of teachers and administrators in Northern Virginia’s world-class school systems. Each year, more than 3,000 graduate students enroll in our innovative academic programs, which include advanced study for teachers and school leaders, instructional design and technology, and a renowned PhD in Education program that is among the largest in the country.


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The School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism (SRHT) offers exciting, career-ready majors in dynamic fields such as athletic training, tourism and events management, health and physical education, kinesiology, sport management, and recreation management. SRHT features renowned faculty, cutting-edge research, six laboratories and centers, and a diverse student body of more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Each major requires one or more internship or clinical experiences, ensuring that students graduate not just with a transcript but with a resume that demonstrates their professional aptitude and skills.

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The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at George Mason University is delighted to offer a tuition discount to Virginia educators.

The discount is 15% off the university’s approved rate for in-state graduate students (go to for current rate information). The discount is available to Virginia educators who meet the requirements outlined below. (Note: If you are taking courses as part of a contract cohort, information about tuition discounts will be provided by your cohort coordinator).  

To receive the discount, you'll need to submit a short online form called "Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators."

For the Spring 2018 semester, the form is due by January 29. We don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to save money on your education — be sure to submit the application form by the deadline!

Go to form

Deadline to apply for the tuition discount 

The Spring 2018 tuition discount application must be received by January 29, 2018 to be applied toward fall courses. The discount will not be applied until you have registered for courses for the Spring 2018 semester. If you have any questions regarding the Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators, please contact us at

We strongly encourage you to submit your application well before the application deadline because it will make receiving your discount quicker and easier.

SemesterApplication DatesNotes
Spring 2018 November 7 - January 29 We strongly encourage you to fill out the application form before January 22. This will make receiving your discount quicker and easier. See the Frequently Asked Question below on why to submit your application early.
Summer 2018 March 10 - June 6  
Fall 2018 July 1 - September 5  


How to apply

  1. Review the eligibility requirements below.
  2. Login to the form to begin the application process. You'll need to know your GMU email address and password.
  3. After you login, you'll get to the "Tuition Discount for Virginia Educators" form. Fill out the form and then click "Submit."
  4. An email will be automatically sent to you via your school email address. Please click on the link in this verification email to confirm that your school email address is active and current.
  5. One of the questions on the form asks for your supervisor’s contact information. As part of the application process, we will contact him or her to ask for verification that you are a permanently hired employee at a school located in Virginia.
  6. Please note: If you need to make any modifications to your application after it has been submitted, the email verification process (steps #4 and #5 above) will restart. Both you and your supervisor will receive new verification emails. If your supervisor has already confirmed your employment, he/she will have to confirm again.

Eligibility requirements

To receive the tuition discount, you'll need to submit the application form by the deadline above and be:

  • An educator working in a public or non-public P-12 school located in Virginia.
    Student must be a contractual employee working in a Virginia Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 school as a teacher, counselor, administrator, supervisor, librarian, coach, or support staff member.
  • A resident of Virginia, as determined by the university's admissions office.
    Student's domicile must be in Virginia as determined by George Mason University's admissions office. For questions, please see the Domicile FAQ.
  • A student who has been accepted into a graduate program in the College of Education and Human Development.
    Student must be primarily enrolled in a CEHD graduate program (i.e., master's, PhD, certificate, or non-degree graduate program). The tuition discount is not available, for example, to students who take CEHD courses but are primarily enrolled in programs offered by another college at the university.
  • A student registered for one or more courses that are graduate-level, for-credit, and full-fee.
    The tuition discount cannot be applied to already discounted "contract" courses. (Contract courses are those offered to teachers and other educators through arrangements made between a qualifying organization and George Mason University). The tuition discount also cannot be applied to non-credit-bearing courses.


Frequently asked questions

  • When will I know if I received the discount?

    Please click on the button below to login and check the status of your application. As soon as your application is approved, you will receive a congratulatory email from CEHD with further information.

    Check your application status

  • Why should I submit my tuition discount application early?

    We strongly encourage you to submit the tuition discount application form as soon as possible but no later than the January 29 deadline

    If you submit the tuition discount application form to CEHD before January 15 and are approved for a discount, your balance due on Patriot Web will automatically reflect the discounted rate.

    If you submit the tuition discount application form to CEHD after January 15, the process may be more cumbersome. This is because we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved and the discount applied before your payment for Spring 2018 is due to the Student Accounts Office. If this is the case, you will need to pay your bill in full by the due date to avoid university late fees and/or holds. Then, once CEHD notifies you that your tuition discount has been approved, you’ll need to wait two business days for the discount to be reflected as a credit on your balance due on Patriot Web. You can then request a refund through the Student Accounts Office.

  • Will I need to submit the application form again next semester?

    No! If you are approved in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018, you will be approved for the entire 2017-2018 academic year. You will only need to fill the form out each Fall.

  • What if I'm an out-of-state student?

    A tuition discount for CEHD out-of-state students is available. Please see details here:

  • What about the other fees on my bill?

    The discount only applies to tuition. 

  • Can I get the tuition discount on the courses I took in past semesters?

    No. The discount cannot be applied retroactively to previous semesters.

  • Who do I contact about additional questions?

    If you have additional questions, please contact us via email at or phone at 703-993-3470 (please leave a voice mail).