College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Appeal of Academic Action Decisions

Students may appeal program decisions concerning academic actions to the CEHD Office of Student and Academic Affairs by completing the appropriate form listed below and submitting all supporting documentation. Students may hand deliver or mail the form and documentation to: Office of Student and Academic Affairs, College of Education and Human Development, Thompson Hall 2300, MS 4B4, Fairfax, VA 22030 or email the form and documentation to

If the request is denied by the College, students are afforded one final level of appeal to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. The burden of proof rests with the student who must provide clear and convincing documentation to support the contention that the decision was unfair. All documentation must be submitted prior to the last day of classes of the semester in which the original request was made. The Provost’s Office does not consider grade appeals, nor does the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Form Who Description
Appeal of GradesBoth Students may appeal grades that they believe were assigned unjustly or were based on unclear criteria.
Appeal of SuspensionUndergraduate Students who have been placed on suspension (first or second) may petition for an override of their suspension no later than three weeks prior to the start of the semester.
Academic ClemencyUndergraduate Students who have been away from Mason for three or more consecutive years are eligible to request clemency.
Appeal of TerminationGraduate Students who are terminated as a result of failing to meet the minimum standards of academic performance may appeal termination.
Time Limit Extension RequestsGraduate Students who are unable to meet the time limit requirement to earn a degree may apply for an extension.


A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by a student toward a professor or academic advisor. Grievances with a professor or academic advisor may be referred to the appropriate Academic Program Coordinator listed below or to the CEHD Office of Student and Academic Affairs. All grievances will be thoroughly investigated, and the student will receive a formal response as to how the grievance was addressed.

Academic Program Coordinators

Program Contact
Office of Student and Academic, 3-2080
Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) ProgramRebecca Fox,, 3-4123
Athletic Training Education Amanda Caswell,, 3-9914
Counseling and Development Program Fred Bemak,, 3-3941
Early Childhood Education Program Debbie Stone,, 3-4916
Education Leadership Program Farnoosh Shahrokhi,, 3-2009
Educational Psychology Program Michelle Buehl, 3-9175
Elementary Education Program Audra Parker,, 3-9717
Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion Program Joel Martin,, 3-7607
Health and Physical Education Dominique Banville,, 3-3579
Human Development and Family Science Susan Burns,, 3-5076
Instructional Design and Technology Program Shahron Williams van Rooij,, 3-9704
Kinesiology Charles Robison,, 3-7115
Learning Technologies in Schools Program Priscilla Norton,, 3-2015
Literacy Program Jennifer Hathaway,, 3-5789
Mathematics Education Leadership Program Courtney Baker,, 3-5081
PhD in Education Program Margret Hjalmarson, Director,, 3-4818
Recreation Management Brenda Wiggins,, 3-2068
Secondary Education Program Kristien Zenkov,, 3-5413
Special Education Program Pam Baker,, 3-1787
Sport and Recreation Studies Pierre Rodgers (Co-Coordinator),, 3-8317
Brenda Wiggins (Co-Coordinator),, 3-2068
Sport Management Craig Esherick,, 3-9922
Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Exceptional Learners Joan Shin,, 3-6214
Therapeutic Recreation Brenda Wiggins,, 3-2068
Tourism and Events Management Min Park (Co-Coordinator),, 3-7194
Sue Slocum (Co-Coordinator),, 3-4260
Transformative Teaching Program Betsy DeMulder,, 3-8326