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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

The Office of Technology Support (OTS) supports faculty and staff in the software procurement and approval process.

Software Procurement Process

  • Only designated individuals can agree to contracts on behalf of the university, and all software licenses, including click-through agreements, are considered contracts.
  • Free software that has a license agreement (except open-source software) still must be vetted through the software procurement process.
  • Any agreement that avoids the formal review process, including click-through agreements, will be the responsibility of the individual making the agreement, and not George Mason University.

Before Purchase

  1. Contact the Director of IT and Cybersecurity to begin the process.
  2. Ask the vendor for a copy of the EULA or licensing terms and the Export Control ECCN number if applicable. They may have a special EULA for state or government clients; be sure to ask for one.
  3. If the ECCN number is anything but EAR99, forward to the Export Control office to discuss implications and whether or not you will be able to use the software. EAR99 software is safe to install on Mason computers that will remain local.
  4. For purchases under $5,000, ask the vendor to sign a contractor's addendum, which will eliminate most probable issues with the contract. If the vendor won't sign the addendum, forward to Purchasing and ask them to work with the vendor to secure mutually acceptable terms.
  5. While working on the licensing, all software (before purchase) must also be reviewed by the Architectural Standards Review Board (ASRB). Contact the Director of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, who will help coordinate with the ASRB. Often software intended for the use of one faculty member will not need to be reviewed by the ASRB.
  6. Once the addendum is signed or a mutually acceptable EULA or license is approved, and the ASRB has reviewed (or declined to review) the software, submit your purchase order to Purchasing.