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CEHD Faculty Will Present at More Than 50 Sessions at AERA

April 29, 2013

This year, 63 CEHD faculty and graduate students will participate in more than 50 sessions at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting, which is being held in San Francisco through May 1.

The presentations at AERA advance knowledge about education and the use of research to improve education. The list of presentations also offers a glimpse of current faculty research interests and the exciting work underway within the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University.


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Achievement Gaps and Superintendent Decisions

David Brazer, Robert Smith

Beliefs and Practices of Intercultural Competence Among Chinese Teachers of English in China

Jie Tian

Canadian Considerations in Peace Pedagogy

Supriya Baily

A Constructivist View of Classroom Teaching: Analysis of Two Educators’ Instructional Adaptations

Seth Parsons

The Cost of Cheating: Does Perceived Punishment Predict Academic Dishonesty?

Angela Miller

Creating a Critical Literacy Milieu in a Kindergarten Classroom

Stacia Stribling

The Critical Role of Language in Today’s International Classrooms

Becky Fox

The Death of Collective Bargaining: Analyzing Changes in Teachers’ Handbooks After Wisconsin's Act 10

Katy Swalwell

Development of an Augmented Reality Experience Through Design Research

Brenda Bannan, Mimi Corcoran, Elizabeth Krause, Lisa Ogonowski, Jennifer Saville

The Effect of Research Experience-Based Professional Development on Teacher Efficacy, Motivation, Knowledge Calibration, and Perception of Inquiry Teaching

Sydney Merz, Erin Peters Burton, Erin Ramirez, Maryam Sarough

The Effects of Patterning Instruction on First-Grade Students’ Mathematics and Literacy Achievement

Nedra Lee Coss, Marinka Gadzichowski, Debbie Gallington, Julie Kidd

The Emotional Labor of Teaching

Betsy Brown

Examining Experienced Teachers’ Learning Using Reflection and Portfolio Data: Results of Longitudinal Research

Becky Fox, Steve White

Exploring Differences in Practicing Teachers’ Valuing of Pedagogical Knowledge Based on Teaching Ability Beliefs

Michelle Buehl

Getting to the Heart of the Brain: Motivation, Skill, and Development of the Adaptive Learner in Education and Neuroscience Communities

Layne Kalbfleisch

Goals and Cheating: An Application of the State Multipole Method of Analysis of Likert Scales

Angela Miller

Histories of Professionalization and Unionization in Education

Diana D’Amico

The Impact of Beliefs and Background on a First-Year Teacher’s Problem Solving Instruction

Courtney Baker, Margret Hjalmarson, Earle Reybold

Implementing Instruction Rounds at Professional Development Schools to Enhance Mathematics Teaching Practices

Jennifer Suh

Inclusion of Children With Disabilities in Head Start Settings: Professionals’ Perspectives

Julie Kidd

Integrating Empathy Into Professional Education: Lessons Learned From the Design Professions

Shahron Williams Van Rooij 

International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership

Penelope Earley  

Internationalizing Teacher Ed.: Understanding Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes for Teaching International Populations

Supriya Baily

Journey From Trepidation to Theory: P-12 Teacher Researchers and Creativity

Betsy DeMulder, Stacia Stribling, Jenice View

Learning & Teaching in Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

Scott Bauer

Learning Arrangement in New Media Arts

Kim Sheridan

Learning by Leading: Facilitating a Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Self-Study Group

Anastasia Samaras 

Learning How: A Participatory Action Research Study of Collaborative Course Development for Pre-Service Teachers

Linda Mann, Anthony Pellegrino

Microanalysis of Self-Regulatory Processes of Elementary Teachers Learning to Teach Earth Science Through Inquiry

Erin Peters Burton

Mixed Methods Philosophy and Methodology

Joe Maxwell

Mobile Devices and Student Thinking

Marjorie Haley

Organizational Design and Multiple Stakeholder Decision Making in Professional Learning Communities

David Brazer, Michelle Van Lare

Overcoming Adversity: High-Achieving African American Youth’s Perspectives on Educational Resilience

Joseph Williams

Picturing Adolescents’ and Teachers’ Perspectives on Literacy Curricula and Pedagogies

Athene Bell, Marriam Ewaida, Katina Kearney, Kristien Zenkov

Principals Navigate the Process and Outcomes of Instructional Leadership

Scott Bauer

Promoting Equality & Opportunity: Legal, Ethical & Social-Science Considerations of Race-Conscious Policies in Education

Susan Bon

Quantifying Positive Behaviors: An Exploration of an Early Childhood Progress-Monitoring Behavioral Assessment

Leah Simon

Research Design and the Design Space of Educational Research Questions

Eamonn Kelly

The Role of Newly Prepared PBL Teachers’ Motivational Beliefs and Perceptions of School Conditions in Their PBL Implementation

Mary English

Secondary Physical Educators’ and Sport Content: A Love Affair

Matthew Ferry

Statistical Analysis in Single-Subject Research: A Review of Techniques Applied in Published Special Education Studies

Anna Evmenova, David Lojkovic

A Strong Foundation: Voices of the Black Educational Experience

Linda Mann, Anthony Pellegrino

Studying Clinical Experience: Building a Research Agenda Addressing Problems of Clinical Experience

Stephanie Dodman, Libby Hall

A Systematic Analysis of the Time-Out and Seclusion Case Law

Susan Bon

Teacher Development and Technology

Marjorie Haley

Teaching Organizational Theory: The Educational Leadership Perspective

David Brazer

Towards Constructing a Framework to Teach for Forgiveness in Four Arab Countries

Ilham Nasser

Transforming the Organization of Schooling

Scott Bauer

Understanding Knowledge and Practice Within a School District’s RTI Initiative

Sheri Berkeley, Kelly Brady, Rick Brigham, Melissa Hughes, Kelley Regan

Using Critical Literacy to Help Second Graders Deconstruct Dominant Discourses

Betsy DeMulder, Stacia Stribling


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