College of Education and Human Development

CEHD Welcomes Six New Instructional Faculty Members

August 22, 2019

Dean Mark Ginsberg announced the addition of six new instructional faculty for the 2019-20 school year. Joining CEHD are Associate Professors Matthew Steinberg (Education Policy) and Sam Steen (Counseling and Development) and Assistant Professors Shekila Melchior (Counseling and Development), Maureen Marshall (Education Leadership), Stephanie Dailey (Counseling and Development), and Roxanne Dummett (American Sign Language).

Sam Steen
Associate Professor, Counseling and Development

Matthew Steinberg
Associate Professor, Education Policy

Stephanie Dailey
Assistant Professor, Counseling and Development

Roxanne Dummett
Assistant Professor, American Sign Language

Maureen Marshall
Assistant Professor, Education Leadership

Shekila Melchior
Assistant Professor, Counseling and Development