Mason Professor Authors Book on Learning Strategies Specific to Science Education

November 28, 2023

Erin Peters-Burton photo

Erin Peters-Burton, Donna R. and David E. Sterling Endowed Professor in Science Education in the Secondary Education program at George Mason University’s School of Education, has authored a new book titled A Practical Approach to Supporting Science and Engineering Students with Self-Regulated Learning. The book addresses Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) strategies specific to student performance and progress in the study of science and engineering practices.

In discussing the focus of her book, Peters-Burton explained that science and engineering practices are more difficult to teach and monitor for student progress than content knowledge, because practices are skill based. She stated that this is one of the reasons she believes her book is important and emphasized, “This book offers educators a tangible, research-based way to support and measure student progress in learning skills.”

The book is organized into three sections as follows:

  • An introduction to SRL and to Science and Engineering Practices;
  • A breakdown of how to teach to support student SRL for each of the eight Science and Engineering Practices by developmental grade band with case study examples; and,
  • Structures for professional development programs and educational research designs to instruct and study the intersection of SRL and Science and Engineering Practices.
Image of the book cover

A description of the book provided by the publisher, Cambridge University Press, notes that the book models ways in which teachers can support effective learning behaviors and monitor student progress in science and engineering practices. The description states that the book also presents practical ways to set up preservice teacher instruction and in-service teacher professional development that address both self-regulated learning and science and engineering practices. In addition, the description points out that the book includes educational research designs from qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods traditions that investigate student and teacher engagement with science and engineering practices through self-regulated learning.

Peters-Burton elaborated on these features of the book with her own observations, “This book is written for teachers, teacher educators, and teacher education researchers. Teachers can use instructional strategies and case studies, teacher educators can use the professional development program designs and teacher resources, and educational researchers can use the research designs in their work—all these resources are contained in this book. I have served in each of these roles throughout my career and I am proud that this one book can offer a variety of information for professional development experiences.”

The book is available in print and digital format and may be purchased by clicking here.

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