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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

SPSY 751: Advanced Assessment Practicum in School Psychology I

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General Information

Credits: 3


Provides practical, applied, supervised experience conducting comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations with children and adolescents to develop assessment and diagnostic skills. Requires interviewing, test selection and administration, scoring, report writing, and feedback sessions with clients. Focuses on integration of data and recommendation development. Requires practicum in training clinic, and individual and group supervision. Notes: Open only to School Psychology MA students. Offered by School of Education. May be repeated within the degree for a maximum 6 credits.
Registration Restrictions:

Required Prerequisites: ((SPSY 709B- or 709XS) and (SPSY 710B- or 710XS) and (SPSY 722B- or 722XS) and (SPSY 750B- or 750XS)).
B- Requires minimum grade of B-.
XS Requires minimum grade of XS.

Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Psychology.

Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

Enrollment limited to students in the Education Human Development college.

Schedule Type: Internship
This course is graded on the Graduate Special scale.

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