Center for International Education

2021 CIE Research Briefs Call for Proposals

Opens: February 15, 2021
Closes: Rolling Submissions

As part of its mission plan, the Center for International Education (CIE) has set a goal to ensure that in working in conjunction with other universities and agencies, our projects and programs provide rich collaborations, emphasize best practices, cross a wide range of context areas, and promote intercultural understanding among educators.

The purpose of this call is to discuss research topics that are timely and relevant to international education, based on high-quality research, educational, non-partisan, and objective. The research briefs will serve as an informational resource for a diverse set of researchers, practitioners, organizations, students, educators, and the public.

Research briefs will go through a peer-review process, and, if accepted, you will receive instructions via email on submitting your final brief, headshot for website, and other relevant information. We may also ask you to participate in our social media and podcast platforms to promote the research briefs.

We look forward to your submission! Graduate students are encouraged to submit.

Submission Guidelines

All proposals are submitted via email to Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, and attached as a Word document of no more than 200 words (excluding title and contact information).

Proposals will contain the following:

  1. Title
  2. Contact information of all authors (title, affiliation, email, phone).
  3. Short description: Succinctly state the topic that will be addressed.
  4. Significance: Explain why the topic matters and has importance to international education.
  5. Background: Explain why this topic would be useful, the degree of existing scientific support related to the topic, and its timeliness.
  6. Methods: Explain the methods that will be used to support the implications and recommendations.
  7. Impact: Explain how the research brief is relevant for international education.

Questions: Email us at

More information:

What is a Research Brief?

A Research Brief should

Be a stand alone document with a defined purpose

Focus on a single topic or theme

Limit to 2-4 pages (1500 words)

Pass the breakfast test, which can be read and understood in the time to drink a cup of coffee over breakfast

Suggested Template

Title: Short, attention grabbing, and informative

Executive Summary: Overview (2-3 sentences) for readers that will entice to read further and sums up the entire brief

Introduction: Answers the question why, describe research objective and context, gives an overview

Methodology and Results: Describe research and analysis, not be overly technical but accessible for a non-specialist

Conclusion: Interpret data and reinforce the key message or take away of the brief

Implications and Recommendations: Both flow from conclusion, supported by evidence

References and Suggested Sources: No more than four references

Acknowledgements, Author details, and Disclaimers: Research funding, author’s current position and contact information

Identifying the Audience

Questions to ask to identify your readers include:

Who am I writing this brief for?

How knowledgeable are they about the topic?

How open are they to the message?

Questions to ask in how you can reach readers include:

What questions need answers?

What are their interests, concerns?

What does it take to reach specific readers?