Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) has an active faculty who jointly design and implement exciting international projects and professional development programs that are designed to promote our mission.

Our projects and programs provide rich collaborations, emphasize best practices, cross a wide range of context areas, and promote intercultural understanding among educators.  Working in conjunction with other universities and agencies, our faculty has created a diverse assortment of research and development programs designed to:

  • Develop leadership capacity;
  • Improve literacy education;
  • Enhance content-based knowledge and skills;
  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers working with special education students;
  • and Promote research.

Externally Funded Projects, Contracts, and Seminars & Consultations

Our faculty, in partnership with CIE and the College of Education and Human Development, have been funded for a variety of externally-funded grants, contracts and consultancies, some which are highlighted below. To date, we have completed projects with educators from over 25 different countries, including Armenia, Chile, China, Colombia, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Program Offerings

Drawing on our faculty experience, CIE creates customized and targeted programs for international teachers, administrators and government officials offered both on-site, online and at the George Mason University campus.  For a list of international education topics our faculty, please review our Program Offerings.

To find out more our professional development programs, and to discuss topics, costs, and timelines, please contact:

Supriya Baily, Associate Director
Center for International Education
(001) 703-993-8351


Dr. Beverly Shaklee, Director
Center for International Education
(001) 703-993-2794