Center for International Education

Greek Teacher Professional Development Project (2010-2011)

Lead Faculty: Drs. Debra Sprague and Anastasia Kitsantas

Additional Contributing Faculty: Rebecca Fox, Anastasia Samaras, Beverly Shaklee, and Amy Weinberg

Funded: $199,997

Funded by the U.S. Department of State, George Mason University’s (GMU) Greek Teacher Professional Development Project (GTPDP) was designed to provide 19 Greek educators from multiple disciplines with a vast array of ideas, tools, technologies, and perspectives for introducing and sustaining innovative and educational practices upon their return to their home country.  With an emphasis on educational technology, the 8-week program engaged 19 Greek teachers from multiple disciplines in academic seminars, field experience in diverse secondary schools, and cultural excursions and trips in the fall of 2010.  Unique to many professional development programs, the GTPDP included a follow-up component.  During the summer of 2011, Mason faculty travelled to Greece to attend a two-day in-country conference at which the Greek educators presented their new knowledge to local teachers and administrators, Mason faculty, and Fulbright partners.

Greek teachers and Dr. Anastasia Samaras

Greek teachers and Dr. Anastasia Samaras on a cultural visit to Annapolis, Maryland.

Greek teachers  at Mason.

Greek teachers build lasting friendships during their 8-week professional development program at Mason.

Visits the Capitol Building

Visits to national government institutions, such as the Capitol Building, are embedded in the GTPDP.