Center for International Education

Our Mission is to explore the nature of international education, advance international and intercultural understanding, and promote equity worldwide.

To support our mission, we:

  • Design and implement research and development projects in PK-university settings to build educators’ capacities for teaching and learning experiences around the world;
  • Support academic programs to enhance teaching and learning in international schools;
  • Seek ways to develop international mindedness in domestic and international schools and programs;
  • Promote life-long professional development opportunities for international teachers, principals and higher education faculty.

The Purpose of International Education

In an interview with School Talk TV, Director Dr. Beverly Shaklee discusses the broad purposes of international education and the changing reach and role of students who work and study abroad.

Alignment with College and University Goals

The Center for International Education is aligned with CEHD's Core Values of Collaboration, Ethical Leadership, Innovation, Research-Based Practice, and Social Justice and promotes these values within the international community.