Center for International Education

Global Education for Teachers Collaborative (2013-2014)

Lead Faculty: Drs. April Mattix and Beverly Shaklee

Additional Contributing Faculty: Supriya Baily, Rebecca Fox, Wendy Frazier, Eirini Gouleta, Nancy Hollincheck, Illham Nasser, Anthony Pellegrino, and Vicki Spencer

Funded: $25,766

The overarching goal of the Global Education for Teachers Collaborative (GET Collaborative) is to initiate and sustain a system of comprehensive internationalization of the teacher education programs at George Mason University and American University. Through the GET Collaborative, the partner universities strive to ensure that teacher candidates develop the global competencies necessary to best prepare U.S. students for their roles as global citizens. To this end, faculty from each of the partner universities will engage in a variety of program activities, including professional development workshops, working groups, book discussion clubs, and faculty mini-grants designed to advance the internationalization of teacher education programs and, in turn, help teachers international their classrooms. In order to extend program impact, the GET Collaborative will also host webinars, create an online resource center and develop a portfolio of artifacts generated through the program’s activities.

Faculty from Mason and American University

Faculty from Mason and American University attend GET Collaborative professional development workshop.

The GET Collaborative faculty

The GET Collaborative prepares faculty to internationalize teacher education.

Caitlin Haugen leading faculty in a discussion

Caitlin Haugen leads faculty in a discussion on the definition of international-mindedness.