Center for International Education

DelPHE-Iraq, Quality Education and Quality Assurance for Education in Kurdistan (2010-2011)

Lead Faculty: Dr. Anne Schiller

Additional Contributing Faculty: Peter Stearns, Angela Detlev, Kim Eby, Karen Gentemann, Susan Graziano, Claudia Rector, Rita Rowand, Beverly Shaklee, Kris Smith and Bethany Usher

Funded: $78,000

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Mason’s Office of Global Strategies, CIE provided a short-term professional development program on quality assurance and accreditation for public and private institutions of higher education and Ministry Officials in Kurdistan. Funded by the British Council on Higher Education, the program was offered to two cohorts of Kurdish quality assurance faculty and administrators who visited Mason in the Spring and Fall of 2011.

Members of the Fall 2010 DelPHE-Iraq cohort

Members of the Fall 2010 DelPHE-Iraq cohort.

DelPHE-Iraq cohort at Kurdistan bench at Mason

Spring 2011 DelPHE-Iraq cohort in front of the Kurdistan Student Organization bench at Mason.

Spring 2011 DelPHE-Iraq cohort posing with Mason faculty and administrators.

The Spring 2011 DelPHE-Iraq cohort with Mason faculty and administrators.