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George Mason’s Parsons Contributes to Current Debate on How to Best Teach Children to Read

October 30, 2020

Fairfax, Va. — George Mason University Professor Seth Parsons has been featured in a special issue of the International Literacy Association journal, Reading Research Quarterly (RRQ).

Joint research conducted by Parsons, a professor of both elementary education and literacy in the College of Education and Human Development, and co-authors Dixie Massey from the University of Washington and Margaret Vaughn of the University of Idaho was part of a special issue of RRQ that focuses on the science of reading.

Professor Seth Parsons

The special issue — The Science of Reading: Supports, Critiques, and Questions — contains 26 peer-reviewed articles written by a total of 77 authors who represent diverse, innovative, and challenging ideas and perspectives that reframe the science of reading debate. This is the first of two special issues on the topic, with a second issue set for Spring 2021.

Parsons, Massey, and Vaughn collaborated on the article, “Aligning the Science of Reading with Adaptive Teaching.” Their research adds nuance in the discussion of teaching related to the science of reading (SOR). The authors demonstrate that adaptive teaching is a vital characteristic of effective reading teachers and recommend that scholars—those who study reading processes and reading acquisition (i.e., SOR proponents) and those who study effective literacy instruction—work across epistemologies and methodologies to investigate the nuances of these processes in real-world classrooms, particularly in ways that eliminate homogenizing literacy practices.

“The goal of this issue is to highlight how bridging of perspectives via accurate and meaningful information can move us forward,” RRQ editors Amanda Goodwin and Robert Jiménez said. “We [know] much more than was coming out in the discussions taking place. In other words, the science of reading is much broader than what was being used to inform theory, research, policy, and practice.”

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