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Our Graduate School of Education is the alma mater for one third of teachers and administrators in Northern Virginia’s world-class school systems. Each year, more than 3,000 graduate students enroll in our innovative academic programs, which include advanced study for teachers and school leaders, instructional design and technology, and a renowned PhD in Education program that is among the largest in the country.


School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism - George Mason University

The School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism (SRHT) offers exciting, career-ready majors in dynamic fields such as athletic training, tourism and events management, health and physical education, kinesiology, sport management, and recreation management. SRHT features renowned faculty, cutting-edge research, six laboratories and centers, and a diverse student body of more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Each major requires one or more internship or clinical experiences, ensuring that students graduate not just with a transcript but with a resume that demonstrates their professional aptitude and skills.

Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Programs

Are you interested in accelerating your college studies? The College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University offers several programs where students can earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as five years.

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) collaborates with undergraduate programs to offer 17 Bachelor's/Accelerated master's programs to academically strong undergraduates (minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA) currently enrolled at George Mason University with an interest in pursuing a master's degree in an accelerated timeframe.  Students may formally apply for the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s program during the second semester of their junior year (the semester in which they will have earned at least 90 semester hours) and after any prerequisites have been met. However, students are encouraged to identify their interest in pursuing a particular accelerated pathway as soon as possible within their undergraduate career to ensure that the efficiency of course-taking decisions is optimized.

Application Procedures:

  1. Visit the Accelerated Master's admissions webpage for a step-by-step guide to applying and access the online application.
  2. Complete the application and submit. Once you submit your application, you can upload any supplementary materials such as recommendations, resume, goals statement and endorsement worksheets.

Once your application is complete, it will undergo an admission review. Applicants may be required to take part in an interview and complete a writing sample.

Program Admission Deadlines

Most of our programs accept students on a rolling admissions cycle. Specific deadlines are listed on the Graduate Application Deadlines and Requirements webpage.

Priority deadline ensures consideration for the intended semester as well as financial aid options for students. Programs will continue to review applications until at capacity.

*Applicants that are interested in starting during the summer term must apply and have a completed application by April 1 for full consideration to enroll in summer courses.

Bachelor's Accelerated Master's
Programs of Study

Bachelor's (in any degree) to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners
Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Curriculum and Instruction, Accelerated MEd (Elementary Education Concentration)
BA/BS Biology to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education - Biology
BA/BS Chemistry to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education - Chemistry
BS Earth Science to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education - Earth Science
BA English or BFA in Creative Writing to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education – English
BA History or BA Integrative Studies, Social Science for Education to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - History/Social Science
BA/BS Math to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education - Math
BS Physics to MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education - Physics
Bachelor's Degree (in any degree) to MS Educational Psychology-Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing
Bachelor's Degree (in any degree) to MS Educational Psychology-Learning, Cognition, and Motivation
Bachelor's Degree (in any degree) to MS Educational Psychology-Learning and Decision-Making in Leadership
Bachelor’s Degree (in any degree) to MS in Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion
Bachelor's (in any degree) to MEd Special Education
Bachelor’s Degree (in any degree) to MEd Special Education, Early Childhood Special Education Concentration
Bachelor’s Degree (in any degree) to MS Sport and Recreation Studies, with Concentration in Sport Management, Recreation Management, or Sport and Leisure Studies

Checking Your Application Status:

  • The processing time for the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s applications is three to five business days after submission of the online application. Only completed files will be available to the program for admissions review.
  • Questions about your application should only be directed to Decisions will not be given over the phone by the program or by the CEHD Graduate Admissions office.

Notification and Registration:

  • If your Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s application is approved, we will send you a notice of approval via the admissions web portal. You will be notified via e-mail when a decision has been made. The name of your graduate advisor will be provided in this correspondence.
  • Approved Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s participants will be allowed to register for graduate courses via PatriotWeb after at least 90 hours of undergraduate degree credits have been earned. Those who were previously listed under Junior or Senior status in Patriot Web, will now be listed as "Senior Plus."
  • Please note that approval of specific courses on the application does not guarantee a specific course section will be open or offered at the time of registration.
  • Approval for the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s program only guarantees admission to a degree program IF the student maintains the required GPA and follows all of the Transition to Graduate Status admission instructions listed below.

Transition to Graduate Status:

  • File your intent to graduate in your second to final semester of your undergraduate degree
  • At the beginning of your final undergraduate semester, meet with your undergraduate and graduate advisors to have your Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM) Transition Form signed and approved. This form can be found online at:
  • The approved BAM Transition Form must be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office (OGA) and will then be forwarded by CEHD to the Registrar’s Office. Once the BAM Transition Form has been processed by OGA and the Registrar, you will receive an official admission letter to the graduate program via the admissions web portal. You will be required to confirm enrollment in the graduate program. If this form is not received by Graduate Admissions, you will not be eligible to be formally admitted to your graduate program.
  • If you would like to qualify for in-state tuition for your graduate program, you must also submit a new domicile form ( with your BAM Transition Form to Graduate Admissions.
  • During your first semester as a graduate student applicable credits will be designated “Advanced Standing.”

Note: All graduate courses students take are subject to the same rules and regulations as indicated in the University Catalog.