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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the CEHD Office of Diversity and Inclusion

CEHD’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to invoke the core value of social justice in a more purposeful way.

ODI was created in response to the question of how we intend to achieve goals outlined in the inclusive excellence plan developed by members of the Equity Advisory Team, with support from other committees and the college at large.

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Mission and Vision


The mission of ODI is to advance the college in research, teaching, and service through inclusive excellence while creating an affirming, safe and welcoming space for all individuals.


Collectivist in nature, this office believes that to dismantle systems of oppression existing in our college and institution, we must work harmoniously to meet the needs of diverse faculty/staff and students with intersecting identities.

Goals of ODI

  1. To create sustainable recruitment and retention efforts that continue to grow the diverse student population we have and retain them through support and programming specific to whom they are.
  2. To increase the diversity of faculty/staff through recruitment efforts that expand beyond our traditional norms and retain them through affinity groups and various modes of support (i.e., research funding, mentorship, etc.).
  3. To offer consultation/training to faculty and staff on the ways in which they can continue to support students and their colleagues of intersecting identities.

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