Center for International Education

International Education (IE) Specialization Course Offerings 2021-2022

Interested in learning about important international education topics? Have you always wanted to be immersed in diverse and internationally-minded classes? Do you want to learn from the experts? You have come to the right place. These courses are offered to all Mason and Consortium students and bring a rich and diverse understanding to the issues.

Our CORE courses: All courses are open to Master’s and Doctoral Students

  • EDUC 880: Introduction to International Education (3 credits)
  • Dr. Beverly Shaklee (OFFERED NEXT – FALL 2021)
    This course offers you the foundation you need as an International Education scholar. You will examine international educational systems and investigate human-national development relation. In EDUC 880 we have discussions about curriculum, assessment, teacher education, education research and policy, culture, social justice, conflict & peace, and many more vital topics. Join other consortium students in this course and get ready to enjoy learning about the critical variables influencing access to, and implementation of, education systems in international.

  • EDUC 892: Social Justice and Equity in International Education (3 credits)
  • Dr. Supriya Baily (OFFERED NEXT – FALL 2021)
    This course takes you, as a scholar in the field of international education, on the journey of critical examination to the ideological, cultural, and systemic structural inequities in various educational settings. At both at the national and international levels, we will be focused on educational practices that promote equity and social change throughout the world. Join the diverse consortium students’ group and be ready to expand on what you know about the role of education and its influence on the international social justice scene.

  • EDUC 815: Research Inquiries in International Education (3 credits)
  • Dr. Supriya Baily (OFFERED NEXT – SUMMER 2022)
    This course focuses on the intersection of international education and research methodologies in educational settings. You will have the opportunity to delve into the construction, implementation, and impact of research in the international settings. Through critical inquiry into practice, this course offers you the opportunity to collaborate with other consortium student to develop more sophisticated understandings of the research process in international education settings.

  • EDUC 878: Intercultural Competence: Theory and Research Application to International Education (3 credits)
  • Dr. April Mattix Foster
    THIS COURSE IS 100% ONLINE. (OFFERED NEXT – Spring 2022)
    This course is designed to move the student to a more interculturally competent stage. In this course you will explore and examine intercultural competence theory, learning frameworks, and the intercultural competence research paradigms, all in the international education setting. In this course, you will compare alternative models of intercultural competence development, examine empirical studies, and explore the use of intercultural competence theory in education.


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