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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

RMGT 490: Recreation Management Internship

Important: For the most up-to-date information, refer to the official George Mason Course Catalog

General Information

Credits: 12


Consecutive weeks in an agency for a minimum 10-15 weeks of 30-40 hours weekly (400 total hours-parks and outdoor recreation) and (560 total hours-therapeutic recreation supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist). Applies course work, theories, and research to an agency site chosen by the student after approval by Internship Coordinator. Includes meetings and assignments before and during internship. Note: Mandatory internship meeting attendance required before registration and CPR and AED certification required by start of class. Offered by School of Sport/Rec/Tour Mgmt. Limited to three attempts.
Mason Core: Capstone
Registration Restrictions:

Required Prerequisites: (PRLS 210D, RMGT 210D, PRLS 210XS or 210XP) and (PRLS 310C, RMGT 310C or PRLS 310XS) and (PRLS 323C, RMGT 323C or PRLS 323XS) and (PRLS 316C, RMGT 316C or PRLS 316XS) and (PRLS 410C, RMGT 410C or PRLS 410XS) and (SRST 200D, 200XS or 200XP) and (PRLS 323C, RMGT 323C or PRLS 323XS) and (PRLS 241D, RMGT 241D, PRLS 241XS or 241XP) and (PRLS 317C, RMGT 317C or PRLS 317XS).
D Requires minimum grade of D.
XS Requires minimum grade of XS.
XP Requires minimum grade of XP.
C Requires minimum grade of C.

Enrollment limited to students with a class of Senior Plus or Senior.

Enrollment is limited to students with a concentration in Parks and Outdoor Recreation or Therapeutic Recreation.

Schedule Type: Internship
This course is graded on the Satisfactory/No Credit scale.

Current Sections

Upcoming Sections

  • Summer 2024, Section: 001, CRN 41961, Format: Online, Instructor: Jennae Asborno
Prior Sections (partial list)