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As part of Mason's commitment to inclusive excellence, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development supports faculty and doctoral students’ affinity groups. These groups provide our diverse faculty and doctoral students with a sense of community, inclusion and belonging. The groups also serve as safe spaces for discussion of issues that impact the success and well-being of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Multiracial, Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islanders and First-Generation faculty members and historically underserved doctoral students.

Our goal is to shift research practices to be more inclusive, less oppressive, and explicitly anti-racist. In this process, we acknowledge the following:

  • Our roles as researchers in higher education are historically problematic.
  • Researchers, research, and methods all exist within a historical context of racism, subjugation, and control.
  • As researchers, we have a moral obligation to interrogate our research goals, methods, and dissemination strategies and to resist, disrupt, and dismantle white supremacy in the context of academia and research.