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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Multilingual/Multicultural Education: Impact on Student Learning Assessment Project

Multilingual/Multicultural Education's Foreign Language program engages teacher candidates in research-based practice utilizing the Impact on Student Learning Assessment Project. Its goal is to provide teacher candidates the opportunity to work with and learn from a mentor teacher in the P-12 setting (field experience). During EDCI 684, Advanced Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, candidates work with a mentor teacher to teach a mini lesson and consider the effects of teaching on P-12 student learning. This hands-on learning module enables them to bring theory to practice through pre-and post-teaching assessments and to reflect fully on the effects of the learning outcomes.

As an experiential learning field based project, and as the ACTFL NCATE Assessment #5, the Impact on Student Learning Assessment Project seeks to demonstrate a candidate's effects on P-12 student learning. Candidates plan and carry out a teaching task from which performance data can be generated for the purposes of determining the degree to which there is improvement in student learning. They reflect on the lesson taught and discuss its impact on the students and their own learning.