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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Ethical Leadership Examples

In all professions represented by the college, leadership is an essential component denoting ability and willingness to help lead professional practice to higher levels. We commit ourselves to practice ethical leadership through deliberate and systematic attention to the ethical principles that guide all leaders in a moral society.

Research on Ethics and Professional Identity

A PhD in Education and Human Development faculty member has completed a case study investigation of ethics and professional identity in student affairs. The research highlights the social and political structure of ethically in higher education. It also establishes the need for enhanced awareness of ethical standards and development of reflective ethical reasoning.

Education Leadership Program

Ethical leadership is fundamental to the program. In fact, it is a specific performance standard expected of aspiring and in service school leaders. Students in the program study ethics and its relation to leadership practice, and prepare a personal platform of ethical leadership as one of the culminating performances in the program.

Center for International Education: Alliance for International Education

George Mason is a founding member of the Alliance for International Education (AIE), an organization devoted to establishing reciprocal partnerships across institutions of higher education and international schools. Read more...

Early Childhood Education: New Leaders Now

The Early Childhood Education program prepares doctoral students to engage in ethical leadership through a four-year grant, New Leaders Now, focusing on early childhood education and special education. As part of the grant, students are engaged in a monthly Educators Without Borders seminar that provides an opportunity to examine ethical and professional issues of the field.

Elementary Education: Professional Dispositions

The Elementary Education Program supports ethical leadership in two ways. Read more...

Special Education: Special Education Leadership

The special education program has received funding from USDOE to prepare educators who are already certified and practicing in special education, general education, school administration, or related services areas to earn doctorates from George Mason University (GMU) with a major in Special Education and a minor in Special Education Leadership. Read more...

Initiatives in Educational Transformation

IET emphasizes ethical teacher leadership (the moral base of practitioners' professionalism) as foundational in transforming schools and communities to create more humane places to learn and live. Read more...