College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Thank you for your interest in the state-approved teacher preparation programs at George Mason University!

Undergraduate and Bachelors/Accelerated Master’s Advising:

If you are interested in pursuing a career in teaching, you must:

  1. Create an endorsement account. You will need to complete the worksheet associated with your intended program and submit your college transcripts for review.
  2. Schedule appointments with the Pre-Education Undergraduate Advisor, and the Endorsement Advisor. Please try to schedule these appointments back-to-back to maximize your visit to our suite, preferably with the Pre-Education Undergraduate Advisor first followed by the Endorsement Advisor.

Please schedule an appointment with the Special Education advisor if you are interested in one of the Special Education degree programs.

Graduate Advising:

All graduate school applicants must create an endorsement account and complete the worksheet associated with their intended program. Your transcripts will also be requested and both will be reviewed. You may then schedule an appointment with our Endorsement Advisor.

Contact Us

Contact information for Undergraduate Programs and Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s programs:
Kerri Marianos, Pre-education Undergraduate Advisor

Schedule an undergraduate advising appointment.

Contact Information for Endorsements:
Mary Slone O’Neill, Endorsement Advisor

Schedule an endorsement advising appointment.

Admissions Information for Graduate Programs:
Nicole Mariam, Associate Director, Admissions & Enrollment Operations

Contact Information for Licensure:
Rebekah Flis, Licensure Coordinator