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Your Weekend Self-Care Checklist

It’s here, CEHD students – the weekend before finals. Most of you probably have plans to hunker down and study material, write final papers, and memorize everything you possibly can for that timed virtual exam. And to you I say, “Bravo!” You’re almost to the finish line; this final effort will be worth it.  

As you settle into your productive weekend, keep in mind that a weekend dedicated to preparing for final exams does not mean nixing all self-care practices in the name of cramming. In fact, it should mean the opposite. Practicing self-care throughout your weekend, before, during, and after studying, will help you to keep anxious and stressful thoughts at bay, ultimately giving you more headspace to dedicate to studying. 

Do you want to make the most of the last weekend before finals? Commit yourself daily to your studies and to this checklist (click to expand): 

Self-Care Checklist - click for PDF

A Call to Extend Thanksgiving: The Link Between Gratitude and Wellness

As we return from Thanksgiving break most of us have our eyes set on one big, beautiful prize: saying goodbye to 2020. This year has mercilessly thrown one curveball after another, nudging each of…

Research Study: Uyghur Genocide Awareness Project

As part of the College of Education and Human Development's continuing efforts to support both student and faculty research here at George Mason University, we are sharing this research study participation request:

Dear George Mason Students and Staff,  

We are conducting an important student research project on the current Uyghur situation. If you have…

Fall 2020 CEHD Scholarship Recipients

One of the most enjoyable tasks the Office of Student and Academic Affairs performs each semester is facilitating a number of scholarship programs that are funded by, or in the memory of, alumni of the College of Education and Human Development and philanthropists committed to student success. While our outstanding student recipients receive funds to help defray the cost of attending Mason, the…

What's so important about time management anyway?

Beginning October 11, CEHD's Student Success Team will be offering a 4-week on-demand Academic Success Toolkit on the topic of Time Management. Check your Mason email every Sunday for links to the latest Toolkit installment in The 2200 student…

COVID Guidance Charts for Those On Campus Now

COVID Guidance for Students

In conjunction with Mason’s COVID Outbreak Mitigation and Management Team as well as Safety, Emergency, & Enterprise Risk Management, the Instructional Continuity Working Group has created three charts outlining COVID-19 guidance for faculty, staff, and students who are coming to campus this semester. The charts provide step-by-step instructions on what to do should individuals feel sick or come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. To download and print all three charts, click here. If you have questions about the guidance, send an email to


Understanding Course Withdrawal Policy

Woman reading in Fenwick Library

Today (September 15) marks the last day a student may drop a class from their fall 2020 full semester schedule. If you drop a class today, you will receive a 50% refund on the tuition for that course and the course will not appear on your transcript. But what if you realize a class isn't going to work for you after today? 

That's where Mason's course withdrawal policy can help. Withdrawing from a course can help save your GPA or make a challenging semester more manageable, but there are also some repercussions to choosing this option. Read on to learn more about withdrawal options and their pros and cons.

How Are We Spending Our COVID Time?

Growing up, I had an aunt who was inspirational to me. She was a banking executive in a time when not many women reached that level in the corporate world. She had no children of her own, so she would often share bits of wisdom with her nieces and nephews, and I can report that most of it was good and has stuck with me over the years.

 CEHD Student Communications Coordinator, Meg Yoder, with her aunt on Meg's college graduation day

Sources for Graduate Student Support and Funding

In addition to the numerous awards, grants, and fellowships that may be accessed through the Provost's Office of Graduate Education, the CEHD Office of  Student and Academic Affairs is pleased to be able to share some additional sources of graduate student funding and support. Many thanks to CEHD…

Technology Tips for a Successful Semester

The last thing you need when you sit down to take a test on Blackboard is having to also learn how to take the test.  This applies to all Mason technology.  Familiarizing yourself with these applications now, rather than later, can help you avoid a potentially sticky situation.  Take a look at these services this week to avoid the learning curve later!