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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

CourseLeaf is the new software which George Mason University is using to update and maintain course and program curriculum data and to build and validate class schedules. Catalog Management (CAT) is the CourseLeaf module that manages the process of updating and publishing the catalog, and the class course schedule is built in the Section Scheduler (CLSS) module.


The University Catalog, the official record for all university policies and programs, undergoes a review process each academic year prior to its publication in the first week of April. Course and program proposals must be fully-approved in Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) by the Undergraduate and Graduate Councils by the end of February and will be automatically transferred from CIM to CAT, the catalog system. Any changes to other CEHD content must be submitted to as soon as possible but no later than the end of February. For more information on the Curriculum Management system, see

Class Scheduling

The Office of Student and Academic Affairs (SAA) manages the scheduling of CEHD classes through coordination with the academic programs. With Mason’s continued growth as well as the imminent closing of Robinson Hall, university classroom space is limited. In addition to this challenge, there is an increasing demand from CEHD faculty to schedule their classes in Thompson Hall. To help us to assure classrooms for all of our sections and to place classes in Thompson equitably, we have asked program managers to meet all deadlines and to provide the reasons why a Thompson placement is needed.

For questions about scheduling classes, faculty should contact their program’s office manager.