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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

The Office of the University Registrar has developed a number of forms that after proper completion and appropriate approval signatures, will process an academic action or exception. All Academic action forms, regardless of required approvals, should be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs for official logging in the CEHD system. SAA will deliver forms to the Registrar’s office for final processing.

Following is a list of frequently used university forms that can be found on the Registrar’s website at Registrar’s forms are not linked below, as changes to the links are made frequently without advanced notice. Forms not available on the Registrar’s website are hyperlinked below.

Enrollment/Registration forms

Name of Form Purpose of form Undergrad or Graduate Students Signatures Needed
Credit Overload Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in more than 18 credits/ Graduate students who wish to enroll in more than 12 credits UG, GR Program, SAA
Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit Course will be included on undergraduate transcript UG Instructor, Program, SAA
Incomplete Grade Contract For students who are passing a course but unable to complete scheduled coursework for a cause beyond reasonable control UG, GR Student, Instructor, Program
Individualized Section For independent study, thesis, dissertation and directed reading registration UG, GR Instructor, Program, SAA
Leave of Absence Required of UG students who will be absent from Mason between one semester and two years UG Advisor, others as applicable
Petition of Extension of Incomplete To extend the deadline to the end of the semester after the course is taught. UG, GR Instructor, SAA
Re-enrollment Application-Graduate Graduate students who have missed 2 or more consecutive semesters GR Program, SAA
Re-enrollment Application-non-degree Graduate Studies Non-degree graduate students who have missed 2 or more consecutive semesters GR SAA
Re-enrollment Application - Undergraduate Undergraduate students who missed one or more semesters (but less than 2 years) and did not submit a formal leave of absence. Catalog year will be changed to the year of re-enrollment. UG Advisor, SAA
Reserve Graduate Credit Undergrad students take graduate course that will be included on the graduate transcript, will not count toward baccalaureate degree; form not intended for BAM students UG Instructor, Advisor, SAA
Study Elsewhere Request to take course elsewhere must be approved prior to enrollment, see forms for deadlines UG form/GR form Advisor, Academic Dean for course, SAA
Withdrawal Request Withdrawal after the drop deadline is allowed for non-academic reasons only. Appropriate third party documentation is needed. UG, GR SAA

Add, Delete or Change Program

Graduate Secondary Certificate Program Application to add certificate GR Advisor, SAA
Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition Designates which courses will count toward Master’s UG UG and GR Advisor, SAA, CEHD Admissions
Undergrad Change/Declaration of Academic Program To add or change major, concentration or catalog year UG Advisor
Undergrad Minor Declaration To add minor, change minor catalog year UG Advisor

Termination Appeal

Graduate Termination Appeal Must provide letter of support and meet deadline provided by College GR APC, Division Director, SAA, Associate Provost
Non-Degree Graduate Termination Appeal Must include letter and meet deadline provided by College GR APC, Division Director, SAA, Associate Provost

Master’s and Doctoral Degree Progress

Graduate Time Limit Extensions Required for Master’s, Certificate and Doctoral students who have exceeded time limit; Doctoral students who have exceeded the time limit to advance to candidacy GR Advisor, APC, SAA, Associate Provost
Doctoral Diss. Research F/T Equiv status Enrolled in one credit of 998 or 999 but equivalent to full-time enrollment. Due before the first day of classes GR Advisor, Division Director, SAA

Graduation Forms

Late Graduation Application To be used after online application is no longer available UG, GR Advisor, Division Director, SAA
Retroactive Graduation Application To be used when 6 week grace period is over and all graduation requirements were met by the requested graduation date UG, GR Advisor, Division Director, SAA

Other Forms

Substitution/Waiver To allow an alternate course or courses to meet a requirement UG, GR Advisor, SAA
Removal of Provisional Admission Qualifier To be completed when student has met requirements set ad admissions GR Advisor, SAA