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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Patriot Web

Patriot Web is a self service web site for students, faculty and staff. This site includes class registration and payment, faculty/staff services (i.e. timesheets, class lists, and grading), schedule of classes, university catalog, and much more. Please contact your program office for assistance.


All faculty, staff, and students must activate their Mason e-mail account at Official University communications are sent to the Mason e-mail account only. Class materials, assignments, questions, and faculty feedback as well as important communications from the Registrar, Financial Aid, and the dean's office are examples. All formal communications between faculty and students MUST be sent via the secure Mason e-mail server.

Although an e-mail forwarder can be placed on the Mason account to forward e-mail to another account, this is not a recommended practice. Some Internet service providers may block e-mail originating from Mason accounts, thus preventing receipt of time-sensitive communications. For further information about e-mail and other communication services, please see


Please notify Adrienne Sullivan in the Accreditation and External Reporting Office if you would like to have a mailbox set up. All correspondence, department/university policies, important teaching information, payroll, CEHD memos, notes, and papers will be placed in your mailbox. In addition, students may leave papers for you (with your name on them!) in your mailbox.

ID Cards

Faculty & Staff IDs have an issue date printed on the card. The card is valid as long as there is an active status in Mason's Banner system. Mason ID cards are not transferable! The first photo ID is free; replacement cards are $10.00.

Parking Services

You need a valid Mason ID and your vehicle registration to purchase a parking permit. Applications will not be accepted by mail and must be submitted in person. Permit and parking types-rates are subject to change without notification.