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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Textbooks are selected in consultation with the Academic Program Coordinator and collaboration with other instructor(s) in the case of multiple section courses. If your class will not be using any books during the semester, please inform the bookstore and  your program office.

Ordering Textbooks

Depending upon the program, faculty may order their own textbooks, or the program office may order the textbooks for the faculty; contact your program office to find out which process is used. Textbooks must be ordered through Mason's Official Bookstore at All book information must be filled out to complete the order (especially the ISBN and the Publisher). Please make sure to list the full Course Number (i.e. EDUC300) and section as provided to you by the program office!

To verify your book order has been processed go to the Bookstore website  and search for your order in the "Textbooks" box at the beginning of the web page.

To verify that your books are in the bookstore a few weeks prior to the first night of classes you can check in the bookstore located in the Johnson Center, e-mail or call the Bookstore, (703) 993-3835.

Remember - Textbook orders usually require six weeks for completion. It is very important that Textbook Orders are turned in as early as possibly to avoid last minute problems and late arrivals.

Desk Copies

Submit your desk copy request to your program office and indicate where you wish your desk copies to be sent. If you chose to have your desk copy mailed to your program office at CEHD, you will be contacted when your desk copies arrives. Desk copies commonly take about 4-6 weeks to arrive. If you have not been notified and it has been two weeks since your order was placed, please contact your  program office.

Other Textbook Matters

Faculty are obliged to make significant use of required texts. Those not planning to use optional materials should inform their students of this fact at the first class meeting.

Faculty may not earn profits from the sale of unpublished notes, manuscripts, or other materials that they require for classroom use. Faculty should review the Comprehensive Conflict of Interests Act, which is available at the University Libraries.

Mason's Official Bookstore is the site for students and faculty to purchase textbooks. Faculty should not direct students to other vendors to purchase textbooks.

For instructions for ordering Course Pack materials, contact  Print Services.

Print Services

Print Services operates four copy centers; two are located at the Fairfax campus (Johnson Center Copy Center, Robinson Copy Center) and one at each of the satellite centers on the Arlington campus and Science and Technology Campuses.

    Photocopying Materials:
  • Please plan early for your classes and follow university guidelines for photocopying large numbers of permissible materials, or placing them on reserve with the Library.
    Guidelines for Using the Copy Center(s):
  • You may submit requests for copying to your  program office or contact the Copy Center directly. All copying requires an account number, which you can obtain from your  program office.
  • If occasionally, you find an article or something worth sharing with your class, you may use the Copy Center, but only sparingly. Before copying, you should discuss the cost with both the Copy Center and your  program office. If you generate an unapproved excessive bill, you will be asked to pay for it. If you have any questions regarding photocopying, please talk to your  program office.


Mason's library offers access to research databases, online journal subscriptions, and much more to all faculty and staff. CEHD's Education Liaison Librarian, Anne Driscoll, is available to answer questions about using the library or setting up tutorials for you or your class.

The Electronic Reserves System provides online access to course reserve readings. E-Reserves permits students to access course readings remotely from home or office, and allows students to view and print materials using Adobe Acrobat Reader. All users of the E-Reserves service must comply with Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code). Access to E-Reserves is restricted to currently enrolled students and faculty only.