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Dr. Wayne P. Thomas
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Professor Emeritus of Education

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George Mason University, Fairfax Campus
4400 University Dr.
MS 4B3
Fairfax, VA 22030


Dr. Thomas is a specialist in program evaluation methodology and social science research methods who also has extensive experience in designing and developing computer software and databases for purposes of student testing, program evaluation, and educational data management. His research program and publications focus on the evaluation of at-risk student programs (especially programs for language minority students) and on educational technology applications. He is a former math/physics teacher, central-office school administrator, and school-based evaluation/research project manager who is now Emeritus Professor of Evaluation and Research Methods in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University.  From 1980-2004, he taught doctoral courses in program and curricular evaluation, research methods and statistics, and instructional technology. He has also served as coordinator of the instructional technology graduate program and as director of the university's Center for Interactive Educational Technology. His primary instructional emphases have been to work with doctoral students in developing and implementing their dissertation research methods and in chairing doctoral dissertations. Currently he is engaged off-campus in a multi-year, large-scale, state-wide effectiveness study of dual language classes and schools for both English learners and native-English speakers, sponsored by the North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction. The purpose of this research is to further investigate and refine the findings and conclusions of his two previous national studies with Dr. Virginia Collier (Thomas and Collier 1997; Thomas and Collier, 2002) 

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