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Dr. Caswell is a Professor of Athletic Training and founding Executive Director of the Sports Medicine Assessment, Research & Testing (SMART) Laboratory where he and colleagues conduct research to prevent injury and optimize human performance. His research and outreach efforts have contributed to advancements in the prevention, diagnosis and management of concussion and improved access to healthcare for children participating in sport. 

Professor Caswell initiated and leads the Advancing Healthcare Initiatives for Underserved Students (ACHIEVES) project that provides accessible athletic training health care services for middle school students. He also leads the Virginia Concussion Initiative ( where he and colleagues work to empower Virginia schools and their local communities to implement best practices for concussion management. 

Dr. Caswell is the recipient of the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association Researcher of the Year Award and the George Mason University College of Education and Human Development Scholarly Achievement Award. His publications appear in prominent scientific and medical journals and he has delivered scholarly presentations nationally and internationally. He serves as a member US Lacrosse Sport Science and Safety Committee and is on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Athletic Training, Injury Epidemiology, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dr. Caswell earned his B.S. in Physical Education Teacher Certification and Athletic Training from the State University of New York at Brockport; an M.S. in Athletic Training; and his Ph.D. from Ohio University.

Research Interests
  • Youth and Scholastic Sport Safety
  • Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury 
  • Biomarkers and Sports Medicine
Recent Publications

Selected Pulications

Caswell, S.V., Lincoln, A.E., Hepburn, L., Higgins, M. Kelshaw, P., Stone, H. Putukian, M. Cortes, N. (2017) Characterizing Head Impacts in Girls’ High School Varsity Lacrosse Players. American Journal Sports Medicine. (In Press)

Cortes, N., Stone, H., Lincoln, A., Hepburn, L., Putukian, M., Myer, G., & Caswell, S. V. (2017) Video Analysis Verification of Wearable Sensor-based Head Impacts. American Journal Sports Medicine. DOI:

Kerr, Z.Y., Quigley A., Lincoln A.E., Mensch J., Caswell S.V., Dompier T.P. (2017) The epidemiology of NCAA men’s lacrosse injuries, 2009/10-2014/15 academic years. Injury Epidemiology. In Press.

Kerr, Z. Y., Lincoln A.E., Caswell, S. V., Klossner D.A., Walker, N., Dompier T.P., (2017) Epidemiology of National Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Lacrosse Injuries, 2009-10 Through 2014-15. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 1-25.

Gould, T. E., Piland, S. G., Caswell, S. V., Ranalli, D., Courson, R., Ferrara, M., et al. (2016) National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Prevention and Emergency Management of Sports-Related Dental Injuries. Journal of Athletic Training. 51(10), 821-839.

Caswell, S. V., Ausborn, A., Diao, G., Johnson, D. C., Johnson, T. S., Atkins, R., Cortes, N. (2016). Anthropometrics, physical performance, and injury characteristics of youth American football. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 4(8), 2325967116662251.

Ambegaonkar, J. P., Cortes, N., Caswell, S. V., Ambegaonkar, G. P., & Wyon, M. (2016). Lower extremity hypermobility, but not core muscle endurance influences balance in female collegiate dancers. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 11(2), 220.

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Caswell, S.V., Cortes, N., Chabolla, M., Ambegaonkar, J.P. & Caswell, A.M. (2015) State-specific differences in school sports preparticipation physical evaluation policies. Pediatrics. 135(1), 26-32

Cortes, N., Porter, L.D., Ambegaonkar, J., & Caswell, S.V. (2014). Postural stability does not differ between female dancers vs. non-dancers who are at high risk for ACL injury. Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 29(4), 216-220.

Ambegaonkar, J.P. Mettinger, L., Burtt, A., Caswell, S.V., Ambegaonkar, S. J. & Cortes, N. Hip strength, balance, and risk of ACL injury (2015) Lower Extremity Review, June, 51-61.

Ambegaonkar, J. P., Mettinger, L. M., Caswell, S. V., Burtt, A., & Cortes, N. (2014). Relationships between core endurance, hip strength, and balance in collegiate female athletes. Int J Sports Phys Ther, 9(5), 604-616.

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