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Dr. Risto Marttinen
Ed.D., Teachers College Columbia University
Assistant Professor
Health and Physical Education

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George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
Katherine G. Johnson Hall 228B
10890 George Mason Circle
MS 4E5
Manassas, VA 20110


My research revolves around implementing sustainable and educational after-school physical education programs in elementary and middle schools. These programs specialize in sports and fitness in under-served communities while reinforcing character development and teaching STEM and common-core literacy skills. Additionally, I conduct research on teaching in physical education and research on the integration of academic subjects and technology into PE. 

Research Interests

After-School Phyiscal Activity Programs in under-served and urban communities 

Integartion of STEM, and Literacy in to Phyiscal Education and After-School Programs

Research on Teaching in Phyiscal Education 

Student Attitude in Physical Education 

Youth Sport Retention (wrestling)

Recent Publications

Marttinen, R., Daum, D., Fredrick, R, Santiago, J., & Silverman, S. (in press).Students’ perceptions of Technology Integration during the F.I.T. Unit. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

Johnston, K., Marttinen, R., Fredrick, R., & Bhat, V. (in press).Girl’s experiences in a PYD sport program: Developing a participant-centered space. Journal of Youth Development

Ambegaonkar, J. P., Pierce, C., Cortes, N., Marttinen, R., & Caswell, S. (2018)Physical activity and enjoyment during dance-focused physical education classes in middle school girls. International Journal of Physical Education, 55(4),23-34.

Marttinen, R., Fredrick, R., & Silverman, S. (2018) Changes in student attitude toward physical education across a unit of instruction. Journal of Physical Education and Sport. 18(1), 62-70.

Marttinen, R., Fredrick, R., & Silverman, S. (2018) Middle School Students’ Physical Activity Levels During a Fitness Integrated with Technology Unit. Montenegrin Journal of Sport Science and Medicine, 7(1), 5-12.

Montgomery, M., Marttinen, R., Galpin, A. (2017) Comparison of body fat results from 4 bioelectrical impedance analysis devices vs. air displacement plethysmography in American adolescent wrestlers. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science5(4), 18-25

Marttinen, R., Fredrick, R., Villanueva, A., & Novak, D. (2017). A review of research on teaching in physical education pedagogy 2014-2015. International Journal of Physical Education. 54(1),13-21

Azzarito, L., Simon, M., & Marttinen, R. (2017). “Up against Whiteness”: Rethinking race and the body in a global era. Sport Education and Society 22(5),635-657

Marttinen, R., & Fredrick. R. (2017). R.E.A.C.H: A Case for After School Physical Education. Strategies, 30(1), 8-14

Marttinen, R., Vernikoff, L., Phillips, S., & Fletcher, N. (2017). Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Obesity: A Statistical Inquiry into Latino/a Youth. California Journal of Health Promotion. 15,(1),27-35

Phillips, S.R., Mercier, K., & Marttinen, R. (2017). Fitness Testing: Recommendations for a useful and enjoyable student experience. Strategies 30(5), 19-24.

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Azzarito, L., Simon, M., & Marttinen, R. (2016). “Stop Photoshopping!”: A Visual Participatory Inquiry Into Students Responses to a Body Curriculum. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 35(1) 54-69.

            ***Winner of 2016 JTPE Metzler-Freedman Exemplary Paper Award***