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Dr. Risto Marttinen
EdD, Teachers College Columbia University
Associate Professor
Physical Education, Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning
Health and Physical Education

Contact Information

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Phone: (703) 993-7109
Fax: (703) 993-2025
Email: rmarttin (

Risto Marttinen's website

George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
RAC 2109
4400 University Dr.
MS 1F6
Fairfax, VA 22030


My research revolves around implementing sustainable and educational after-school physical education programs in elementary and middle schools. These programs specialize in sports and fitness in under-served communities while reinforcing character development and teaching STEM and common-core literacy skills. Additionally, I conduct research on teaching in physical education and research on the integration of academic subjects and technology into PE. 

Research Interests

After-School Phyiscal Activity Programs in under-served and urban communities 

Integartion of STEM, and Literacy in to Phyiscal Education and After-School Programs

Research on Teaching in Phyiscal Education 

Student Attitude in Physical Education 

Youth Sport Retention (wrestling)

Recent Publications


Marttinen, R., Centeio, E., & Quarmby, T. (Eds.). (2020). Before and after school physical activity programs: Frameworks, critical issues and underserved populations. Routledge Sport and Leisure.


Marttinen, R., Wilson, K.S., Fisher, K., Beitzel, M., & Fredrick. R. (in press) Process evaluation and challenges in collecting data from an after-school sports and literacy program in a diverse, low-income community. Evaluation and Program Planning (aop). 10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2022.102052

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Alfrey, L., Lambert, K., Aldous, D., & Marttinen, R. (2022). The problematization of the (im)possible subject: An analysis of health and physical education policy from Australia, USA and Wales. Sport Education and Society. (aop)

McMullen, J.M., Killian, C.M., Richards, K.A.R., Jones, E.M., Krause, J.M., O’Neil, K., & Marttinen, R. (2022). The PETE Collaborative: Established in crisis, sustained through community. (aop) Quest.

Marttinen, R., McAlister, K., Ives, S., Battistella, S., Fredrick, R., Johnston, K., & Wilson, K. S. (2021) Fitness, PA, perceived competence, parental support, and literacy outcomes in the REACH after-school sports program. Collegium Antropologicum, 45(3), 225-234. doi:10.5671/ca.45.3.6

Centeio, E., Mercier, K., Garn, A., Erwin, H., Marttinen, R., & Foley, J. (2021). The success and struggles of physical education teachers while teaching online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education1(aop), 1-7.

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