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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Dr. Oladipo Eddo
PhD, George Mason University
Assistant Professor
Kinesiology, PhD in Education

Contact Information

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Phone: 7039937183
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Email: oeddo (

George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
Katherine G. Johnson Hall 201B
10890 George Mason Circle
MS 4E5
Manassas, VA 20110


Dr. Eddo earned his Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in EFHP from George Mason University. He holds an M.S. in Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion (EFHP) with a focus in Biomechanics and a B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology from George Mason University. Dr. Eddo has authored his research in refereed journals, and other publications; and has presented regionally, and nationally. He also serves as a manuscript reviewer for several journals, including Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Sports Biomechanics, International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Research Interests

Biomechanics; Lower Extremity; Osteoarthritis; Gait modification; Motion Analysis; Modeling; Injury Prevention

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

  1. Eddo, O., Lindsey, B., Caswell, S., & Cortes, N. (2017). Current evidence of gait modification with real-time biofeedback to alter kinetic, temporal spatial, and function related outcomes: A review. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science. 2017;5(3):35–55.
  2. Eddo, O., Lindsey, B., Caswell, S., Prebble, M., & Cortes, N. (2020). Unintended changes in contralateral limb as a result of gait modification. Journal of Applied Biomechanics. 2020;36(1):13–19.
  3. Lindsey, B., Eddo, O., Caswell, S., Prebble, M., & Cortes, N. (2020). Reductions in peak knee abduction moment in three previously studied gait modification strategies. Knee. 2020;27(1):102–110.
  4. Kettlety, S., Lindsey, B., Eddo, O., Prebble, M., Caswell, S., & Cortes, N. (2020). Changes in hip mechanics during gait modification to reduce knee abduction moment. Journal of biomechanics. 2020; 99:109509

Articles in peer review

  1. Eddo, O., Ludwick, J., Lindsey, B., Vaz, J., Martin, J., Caswell, S., & Cortes, N. (2020). Increased Trunk Kinetics Observed During Subject-Specific Trunk Lean Gait Modification.