College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Dr. Margaret Weiss
PhD, University of Virginia
Associate Professor
Principal Investigator, Region 4 Training and Technical Assistance Center
Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities
Sp Ed: General Curriculum
Special Education

Contact Information

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Phone: (703) 993-5732
Fax: (703) 993-3681
Email: mweiss9 (

George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
Finley Building 213
4400 University Dr.
MS 1F2
Fairfax, VA 22030

Research Interests
  • Using technology to support teacher education (e.g., eCoaching with bug in ear technology)
  • Co-teaching and collaboration between general educators and special educators at the secondary level
  • Co-teaching and collaboration between faculty members in teacher education
  • Interventions to help secondary students with disabilities access the general education curriculum
  • Qualitative methods, particularly Grounded Theory
Recent Publications

Weiss, M. P., & Rodgers, W. (In press). Instruction in co-taught secondary classrooms: An exploratory case study in Algebra 1. Journal of American Academy of Special Education Professionals.

Weiss, M. P., & Fagella-Luby, M. (In press). Transition services for students with learning disabilities. In J. P. Bakken and F. E. Obiakor (Eds.), Transition services for students with disabilities (Vol. 35). Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Regan, K. S., & Weiss, M. P. (2019). Bug-In-Ear coaching for teacher candidates: What, why, and how to get started. Intervention in School and Clinic (Published Online First 4/29/2019). Doi: 10.1177/1053451219842218

Weiss, M. P., & Glaser, H. (2019). Instruction in co-teaching in the age of Endrew FBehavior Modification (Published Online First 3/7/2019). Doi:10.1177/0145445519836071

Rodgers, W., & Weiss, M. P. (2019). Evidence-based instruction in co-taught secondary mathematics courses. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 51, 276-285. 

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McElwee, C. B., Regan, K., Baker, P., & Weiss, M. P. (2018). Preservice teachers’ perceptions: The influence of university coursework, context, and relationships during the clinical teaching experience. The Teacher Educator’s Journal, 11, 22-51.

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