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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Dr. Hung-Ling (Stella) Liu
PhD, Oklahoma State University
Associate Professor
Recreation Management

Contact Information

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Phone: 7039936843
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George Mason University
Fairfax Campus
Krug Hall 213F
4400 University Dr.
MS 4D2
Fairfax, VA 22030


Dr. Hung-Ling (Stella) Liu received her doctoral degree in Leisure Studies-Recreation Management at Oklahoma State University and received both her Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management in Taiwan.

Before joining George Mason University in Fall 2022, she was a research faculty and adjunct instructor in the Leisure Studies and Department of Geography at OSU and an Assistant Professor in the Sport and Recreation Management program at South Dakota State University.

Research Interests

Dr. Liu’s research emphasizes the social and psychological development of individuals through recreation and tourism as well as the impact of these areas on community development. Her work is targeted toward seeking sustainable management of natural and cultural resources from environmental, economic, and social aspects.

Recent Publications

Leonard, A.** & Liu, H.-L. (2022). College Freshmen’s Wellness Center Usage, Physical Activity, and Symptoms of Depression. Recreational Sports Journal.

Carotta, C. L., Lavender-Stott, E. S., Garcia, A. S. & Liu, H.-L. (2022). Relationship Status and Well-Being in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Family Issues.

Liu, H.-L., Lavender-Stott, E. S., Carotta, C. L., & Garcia, A. S. (2021). An exploration of leisure experience and participation and its contribution to stress-related growth amid COVID-19 pandemic. Leisure Studies.

O’Farrell, P.,** Liu, H.-L., Carotta, C. L. (2021). Applying the ecological model to explore the influential factors in children’s outdoor recreation participation. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership, 13(3), 86–92.

Wu, I. C., Mathew A., & Liu, H.-L. (2021). A historical geospatial analysis of severe weather events in Oklahoma state parks: A park management perspective. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 39(2).

Garcia, A. S., Born, S. L., Carotta, C. L., Lavender-Stott, E. S., & Liu, H.-L. (2021). Hope and self-compassion to alleviate parenting stress in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Family Journal.

Liu, H.-L., Wu, I. C., & Bradley, M. J. (2021). To fee or not to fee? Satisfaction, service quality, and support of entrance fee of a state park system. Park Stewardship Forum, 37(1), 244–252.

O’Farrell, P.,** & Liu, H.-L. (2020). Gateway to outdoors: Partnership and programming of outdoor education centers in urban areas. Education Sciences, 10(11), 340.

Arnold, Z.,** & Liu, H.-L. (2020). The relationship between alcohol consumption, academic success, and athletic identity in colligate student-athletes. Journal of Amateur Sport, 6(2), 84–106.

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