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Office of Research Development

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Development Office of Research Development!

If you are involved with research as a student, faculty or staff member in the College of Education and Human Development, the Office of Research Development is here to support your scholarship.

If you want to submit a proposal for funding,

  1. Please complete a Proposal Assistance Request on the CEHD Intranet. This will allow the Pre-Awards team of the CEHD Office of Research Administration to start working on the paperwork and assist you with the proposal.
  2. The CEHD Pre-Awards team will work you to develop and finalize budgets, and gather required documents, etc. See more details on the pre award support.
  3. As a note: The Primary Investigator should send all Final documents to the CEHD Pre-Awards team 5 business days prior to sponsor due date.
  4. The CEHD Pre-Award Research Administrators will use the information provided in the PAR form to complete most fields and steps in RAMP for CEHD faculty.

CEHD Research News


CEHD Faculty Awarded U.S. State Department Grant to Provide Professional Development to English Language Teachers in Turkmenistan

May 22, 2024

Professor Joan Shin leads the Global Online Teacher Education Center (GOTEC) in expanding the reach of professional development to enhance the capacity of English teachers in the international community. Read more...

Secondary Education Program Faculty Collaborates on an NSF-Funded Project to Construct a Digital Platform that Helps Students Fact Check AI-Generated Content

April 29, 2024

George Mason Assistant Professor Erdogan Kaya is working with researchers from the University of Alabama to develop the “Compose with AI” web application. Read more...

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