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College of Education and Human Development

Videos Explore PDS Approach to Mentoring, Feedback

January 26, 2017

The College of Education and Human Development at Virginia’s George Mason University (GMU) and its professional development school (PDS) partners have established leadership teams to plan robust and personalized training programs for teacher candidates. The teams at the university and school sites work together to engage interns in well-rounded experiences, such as by involving them in local school activities, to help fulfill their individualized professional development plans.

Audra Parker, associate professor of elementary education at GMU, works to forge relationships with partner schools and to facilitate ongoing communications within the mentoring community. “We have advisory boards for the elementary program that consist of teachers, students, school district officials, and faculty members here at George Mason,” said Parker. “We have monthly site facilitator meetings [and] monthly university supervisor meetings where we speak constantly about what’s happening in the school settings.”