School of Education faculty selected for a grant in support of research on college transition process for students with disabilities

October 31, 2023

Joy Banks

Joy Banks, associate professor in George Mason University’s Special Education program within the School of Education, was recently awarded a prestigious grant from the Gregory S. Fehribach Center at Eskenazi Health in support of her research on factors contributing to college and employment success for students with disabilities. This award recognizes the contributions of researchers who examine issues pertaining to access to higher education for students with disabilities.

The Gregory S. Fehribach Center at Eskenazi Health provides funding for research on preparing college students with physical disabilities to become ready for careers after graduation. The research conducted by Banks will focus on the college transition experience for racially and linguistically diverse learners as viewed through an equity focused lens.

Upon learning of her selection for this award, Banks stated, “Disability inclusion in higher education is an important step in creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and we must remember that gainful employment is important to achieve this goal.” She added that successful college completion and the seamless transition to an enjoyable career requires college students with disabilities to have knowledge of their chosen discipline and to be self-determined.

Banks has done extensive research on the intersection of race and disability in higher education and how societal norms contribute to the marginalization of adolescents and young adults identified with disabilities.

Please join us in congratulating Joy Banks for her outstanding work and her many achievements in the field of Special Education as recognized by her selection for this prestigious and competitive grant from the Gregory S. Fehribach Center at Eskenazi Health. For more information on Mason’s Special Education program, please visit the program website.