Mason faculty awarded National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship in Mathematics

October 5, 2023

Jennifer Suh

Jennifer Suh, mathematics education professor at George Mason University’s School of Education, and several of her Mason colleagues were selected for the National Technology Leadership Initiative (NTLI) Fellowship in Mathematics in recognition of their work in the development of the Equity-centered Transformative Technology (EqT-tech) Lesson Analysis Tool. The tool is a framework which focuses on “Engaging Teachers in Reflecting on Equitable Technology Integration” with the goal of developing teachers’ awareness and action in bringing equity to the forefront in the use of technology in the mathematics classroom.

The National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship is an award from the Association of Math Teacher Educators (AMTE) and the Society of Instructional Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). The NTLI Fellowship was established to recognize an exemplary presentation on technology at the annual conferences of each of these organizations and to encourage dialogue on the use of technology in teacher education.

In describing the EqT-tech project, Suh explains, “I began this work with my colleagues during the pandemic when teachers were ‘forced’ to teach online. Not only was there no preparation time for teachers, but there was no go-to list of ‘vetted’ resources for teachers. So, we used research on the effective integration of technology and equitable teaching practices to create a framework and a lesson analysis tool to help teachers choose technology in judicious ways to advance equity in their math classroom.” Suh adds, “Since then, we have been conducting Lesson Study to showcase and document ways that teacher's intentionality in their practice can amplify equitable teaching using technology.”

Suh is faculty in Mason’s Elementary Education and Mathematics Specialist Leadership programs, and faculty representative in Mason’s PhD in Education program for the Mathematics Education Leadership specialization. The other team members who work on the EqT-teach initiative include:

Theresa Wills

  • Kate Roscioli, a doctoral candidate at Mason pursuing a PhD in Mathematics Education, Teacher Education, and Technology;
  • Theresa Wills, associate professor of mathematics education at Mason;
  • Kim Leong, mathematics education specialist and a Mason adjunct instructor; and,
  • Holly Tate, a doctoral candidate at Mason working toward a PhD in Mathematics Education Leadership and Research Methodologies.

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Suh and her EqT-tech team members for their innovative work on the use of technology in amplifying mathematics education. To learn more about this project, please visit